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Having serious issues trying to succesfully brush my (almost) two year old's teeth - whenever I try to get to his back teeth he just chews on the brush/sucks the toothpaste off. Any advice/foolproof tactics? Thanks! Will
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What are techniques to stop kids waking up SO DAMN EARLY? So far have tried go-clock, bribes, reward charts, shouting, ignoring and a few other tricks...
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Our baby is 14 weeks old and I thought sleep was going relatively well, or as well as it can. She has gone from not going to sleep at all until 12:30/1am to now going down at about 9:30/10pm and sleeping until 4:30/5am when she wakes for a feed. She will then sleep for another couple of hours. The last three nights everything has totally changed. She is waking every two hours to feed and takes an hour to do so. She is also majorly chatty and seems to have discovered her voice. This means she now lies in her cot shouting. I'm struggling to get her back to sleep. She finds it hillarious. We are exhausted and running out of ideas. Is this common? I feel a bit swamped by information about sleep routines and sleep training and worry that we should be doing something different to improve sleep habits but how or what I have no idea. We have tried a regular bedtime routine but it feels as though the earlier she goes down the worse our sleep has become during the night.
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Weird one ... so when you need to start speaking to your child about their private parts - for boys it's a relatively easy 'willy' but what's the equivalent for girls? Most of the options I can think of seem far too formal or too sexualised ... I heard Princess the other day which made me laugh out loud but I'm struggling to come up with a better alternate...
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Mike Tantrum 
Good morning everyone! This is Mike at Team Tantrum and for the next hour (1030-1130 UTC) I'll be answering any queries related to Facebook marketing for our fellow parents in tech. I can't guarantee I'll be able to answer everything, but if you have any questions feel free to ask them in this question thread (and please avoid starting a new question thread!). 😁
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My toddler keeps hitting people. My son is 2 and has begun to slap, there are children in nursery who also do it so this may be compounding the issue. He not only slaps at nursery and slaps us but also slaps his little sister (8 mths). We've tried to work out what triggers this, sometimes it's when he's frustrated or thwarted but occasionally it comes from nowhere (or when bored or hyper) and he seems to enjoy the fact that he's made his sister cry. We try to preempt this happening which means us constantly watching him. Initially when it started we ignored him while taking his sister out of his reach but now we're trying to take him away and give him time to calm down and (hopefully) understand what he's done (not sure he does at 2). Anyone got any better ideas on how to handle this as what we're doing doesn't seem to be having any effect.
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Anyone else got a toddler who won't stop eating?
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My 9 year old daughter is enjoying touching herself down there and I'm after some advice on what to do or say. It's not always appropriate when she's doing it! I don't want to give her to think it's dirty or wrong but we haven't even had the birds and beds chat yet so not sure how to go about it.
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Best tips for a very windy baby!? (5 weeks old) Also struggles and strains with most bowel movements - did anyone else experience this? When did your baby grow out of it?
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Ben Tantrum 
So - as some of you know - I'm about to have my second child in 4 weeks 😱 HELP! what do I need to know .... I've pretty much forgotten it all from the first time round.
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