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Minibugs Claire 
Help! Most parents at my sons nursery have provided little party bags for the group on birthdays, they've all been fairly basic until now. I have to follow the parent that provided home made cake, fun sunglasses, a little book, a toy car, bags of sweets (organic, naturally) toy figures and various other bits and bobs. For 16 kids! I refuse to match this (I know the other parents will be grateful if I reign it in a bit!) so does anyone have any ideas of fun stuff I can provide that won't break the bank, or make me look too cheap?!
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The Mum Project 
My son keeps hitting us in the face, at first we thought it was funny but now he's really gouged me in the eye! : ) How did you stop your kids from hitting you? (he's 18 months btw...)
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Hello brains! My son is just over 12mo and has 2 naps a day, with the longer nap being in the early afternoon. He sleeps though the night (asleep around 7pm) but is an early riser and on most days he's up at 5:30. For the last few days he's been waking even earlier :( and hasn't had a long sleep in the afternoon, taking 45 minutes instead of 1.5-2 hours. He wakes up crying and won't go back to sleeo again very easily. Is this a sign that he's ready to go down to just one nap a day? He's totally exhausted by his first nap so I'm not sure that stretching him out would help as he's already becoming overtired in the afternoon. Any advice? Thank you x
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Lisa Tantrum 
I'm looking for somewhere to stay for one night in Cornwall - can anyone recommend a good family-friendly bnb, hotel or glamp-site?
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Hello - Only 2.5 months pregnant... but could anyone please recommend any good books for expectant mothers and fathers. Thanks so much!
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Jacqui from Goodordering 
Is anyone else's 4 year old obsessed with death? My son asks all sorts of questions like "how does someone actually die, do they just fall over and they're dead or lie down and go to sleep or what" and he really wants a proper answer. He also sometimes at the dinner table randomly says, "i don't want to die" or "who is going to die first, mummy or mama?". We normally are very light hearted about it. Is this a 4 year old phase? what do other parents answer to the death question???
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Lisa Tantrum 
We have teamed up with photo-saving app Lifecake to offer you the chance to win one stonkingly brilliant prize. Behold the Canon EOS 1300d camera! It’s a digital SLR with all the trimmings: wifi connection so you can send photos directly to your phone, video capability so you can film as well as photograph, a great 18-55mm lens, plus a load of extras. It is worth £350 and could be yours in time for the summer… Lifecake is an app which allows you to store your precious family photos on a secret timeline, which you can share with your friends and family. It also makes creating photobooks quick, easy and affordable. And because it’s the funny moments in your kids’ lives that you want to remember as well as the picture-perfect ones, to enter the competition, we are asking you to submit photos of your little one having a tantrum. Please upload your best ‘Top Tantrums’ to this thread, or post on to Instagram tagging @tantrumXYZ, @lifecake and using the hashtag #TopTantrums. Don’t forget to let us know what the tantrum was about. The competition closes on May 31, when TantrumXYZ’s Lisa Williams and Lifecake’s Trace Ryder will pick the winning entry. To read the Terms & Conditions, click here to read them on the Lifecake website.
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Can anyone recommend a good bed-side crib? Not brave enough to co-sleep, but would be useful to have a crib which can be attached to a bed.
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I am experiencing awful 'morning' sickness (it's not only in the morning FFS, it's every minute I'm not asleep!) and people keep suggesting I eat ginger. Ginger biscuits have 3% ground ginger in them, so not the best option. I can't stomach hot drinks so ginger tea or ginger infusions are out too. Can anyone recommend a good way of having ginger when you're feeling green?
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My toddler almost never listens to what I ask her to do. She gets mad, throws whatever it's in her hands, and starts crying. I'm afraid that things are going to get out of hands in the future.
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