martin heath 

why does my teenage girl 16 continually critise me.

Michelle Flynn 
Because teenage girls are arseholes. I know, I used to be one.
Teenagers can be very difficult. Hormones and all that. They start to think they have all the answers and feel that they know enough to judge you. It's often just part of their own struggle to become independent and 'adult'. However, having said that it could be that she's deflecting from an issue she's having at school, other family members or with friends. That's tricky to find out, but it's probably best to try and talk to her about it if/when you can, or talk to other people who know her to find out the root of the problem. Final point (and this is probably a tough one), think about whether those criticisms are true in any way. Self-reflection is probably important before taking the other steps. Good luck!
Mike Tantrum 
Dad in constant need of help 
So common for kids to criticise their parents at that age. If you get in touch with like-minded parents (here or near you), you'll probably realise that you're in good company. As Mike says, realise you are all awesome, and that you'll get through it. In the meantime get together with your fellow dads and strut about like you don't care!
Ben Tantrum 
because you didn't buy her the Justin Bieber perfume she wanted!!!
Michelle Flynn 
Because teenage girls are arseholes. I know, I used to be one.
martin heath 
Hahaha. Ben. You proved your point. That's tantrum. I have vented and got a slap back.

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