how do you stop cholic

Hi Alext - poor you. Colic is a nightmare. My son used to cry for long periods and we're pretty sure it was colic. I'm not one of the experts on here but I'm pretty sure there's not much you can do to stop it. and I'm not sure doctors have really worked out why it happens. The one consolation I can offer you is that it typically clears itself up by week 12 and it's not considered a serious medical condition and there'll be no long term harm to your child - although I appreciate it's extremely stressful going through it.
Dadah to one 
I agree with CharlotteD - there's not much you can do to stop it but you can help the symptoms - some of the recommendations we received are: 1. a warm bath and massage to help relax tummy muscles 2.going out for a walk as it helps the little ones sleep 3. make sure you've burped them (or that they've 'expelled trapped air' / farted - the less polite way of saying it). I've never seen my wife look happier when our daughter emitted a huge fart and stopped crying!. You've probably tried these already - what have you tried so far? There also used to be a hotline you can call - best of luck 👍
Mike Tantrum 
Hi Alex. One of our experts posted recently about colic on her site. You can see it at the following link. She's incredibly busy today but hopefully she'll be on the Brain soon.

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