Hi gang! Looking for a car seat for Grandmas car when we come to visit. We've found this one for our 6yo and wondered if anyone had tried it or has any other suggestions? We also need to find a seat for our 3.5yo that isn't too ££ as we only need it for a couple of weeks.

Mike Tantrum 
Are you going to be visiting often? Going by your username I assume you're on the other side of the pond, which is quite far!🇺🇸🇬🇧 If not visiting often, then you may be better off renting. It saves on space when you're not around and could end up cheaper overall.
Hi Mike - it's Laura Bonnell from over in sunny California! Grandma will be using the seats eventually for my niece, so don't mind spending up to £50-£100. Was wondering if you guys had come across any portable car seat inventors?!
Mike Tantrum 
Oh hey Laura! Nothing especially. With the recent car seat law changes it's been something that we've perhaps been avoiding for the moment!
Hire it? We do when we visit our parents, although in the long run it's cheaper to buy. Klippan has hire points. We're Spanish and we have shops in both our cities where to get it. Essentially, whoever sells their chairs can also hire them. It's a matter of googling it.

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