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May the 4th be with you all! You can probably tell from my pic that I like Star Wars. At what age do you think kids can start watching/appreciating it? Also, in which order should I show them the episodes? Prequels first? Originals first? 'Machete' order (IV, V, I, II, III, VI)?

Mike Tantrum 
My nephew started them when he was 5 and he's fallen in love with Star Wars. Makes me jealous every time he visits with a new Lego Star Wars Set! He obviously has questions when watching them, but he really enjoys discussing the various characters and their connections. However, at 5 he found some of the scenes involving Vader and the Emperor to be a little scary. My brother started him off with the original trilogy and he's watched episode I now too and will watch II-III next (he's now 6 years old). That's probably best as that's how they were made and intended to be watched. So tempted to try the machete version on someone who has never seen SW though! Personally I think episodes I-VI are okay at 6 years old, and possible VII too (although there are a couple of scenes that could be scary for young kids). Steer clear of Rogue One though until they're older. It's more of a thriller/war film than a space fantasy. May the 4th be with you too!

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