My toddler almost never listens to what I ask her to do. She gets mad, throws whatever it's in her hands, and starts crying. I'm afraid that things are going to get out of hands in the future.

Lisa Tantrum 
Hello! Thank you for your question, and it's always nice to see photos of our readers too, so thank you! Your question reminds me of one which our expert @LetsAskLivvy answered really nicely a month or so ago. You can read what she said here:
Have you tried using positive praise and making sure you are giving her lots of attention for all the little things she is doing well? Descriptive praise refers to talking to her and praising her in a very detailed way, for example on the odd occasion when she does listen, "I really like the way you just did what mummy asked you to". Try and do as much of this as possible, and she will then work out how good it is to listen!

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