Lisa Tantrum 

We have teamed up with photo-saving app Lifecake to offer you the chance to win one stonkingly brilliant prize. Behold the Canon EOS 1300d camera! It’s a digital SLR with all the trimmings: wifi connection so you can send photos directly to your phone, video capability so you can film as well as photograph, a great 18-55mm lens, plus a load of extras. It is worth £350 and could be yours in time for the summer… Lifecake is an app which allows you to store your precious family photos on a secret timeline, which you can share with your friends and family. It also makes creating photobooks quick, easy and affordable. And because it’s the funny moments in your kids’ lives that you want to remember as well as the picture-perfect ones, to enter the competition, we are asking you to submit photos of your little one having a tantrum. Please upload your best ‘Top Tantrums’ to this thread, or post on to Instagram tagging @tantrumXYZ, @lifecake and using the hashtag #TopTantrums. Don’t forget to let us know what the tantrum was about. The competition closes on May 31, when TantrumXYZ’s Lisa Williams and Lifecake’s Trace Ryder will pick the winning entry. To read the Terms & Conditions, click here to read them on the Lifecake website.

Ben Tantrum 
Hi - just stepping in here before people get too concerned. I'm sure every one of these parents love their children and do reassure them. I definitely do - very often but occasionally toddlers do throw tantrums for effect and to get attention and as you can see in the comments the children shown here were not in true distress. I'm sure if they were their parents would be helping them.
Ben Tantrum 
This is an amazing prize!!! So annoyed the Tantrum employees can't enter. I've got loads of photos for this!!!! There's a story behind each one. This one was when I didn't let Tess run into the road #evilDad
Lisa Tantrum 
This is Stanley throwing a tantrum because I wouldn't let him touch the camera lens. This kind of tantrum happens quite often...
Ben Tantrum 
@Lisa - if those are Stanley's tantrums you're one lucky family!!!
Digging around for good pics now. If only I had a camera like this already!
Awesome prize!!!
She was unimpressed with not being in my arms for less than 10 seconds
Most of Audrey's tantrums are food related- this one due to her breadstick breaking in half 😬
And this one because silly mummy thought she was being clever getting mini Audrey-sized bananas...Audrey was less than impressed 😱
Declan did not want to hold his baby brother for a picture....
Izzy Roberts 
She didn't want her headband on...then wouldn't let me take it off 🙄😂
Izzy Roberts 
I wouldn't let her out of the baby gate and she wasn't happy about it 🙈
That time I was trying to get some sunset shots for my little bear's Lifecake and he was oh so done. Should've brought more honey 🍯
She wanted to do 'paiinteeng Mammy'. She was going to do painting. It was all set up on the table behind her. I made the mistake of taking more than 4 nano seconds to sit her at the table!
I said she needed to put her coat on
We just had to put this tantrum down to an existential crisis because, honestly? Who knows what it was about! She snatched the dry bread from me mid-tantrum and crammed it in her face as the meltdown continued!
A lovely birthday meal for my daughter's fourth. The family all came out for dinner, food was lovely, presents were opened and then this...... All because his sister wouldn't let him touch the wrapping paper...
Jamie Plumridge 
*hold my beer... or bottle* My son Jacob is a pro when it comes to tantrums. This one is because we took a left turn instead of the right turn that he insisted I took when driving. It was one of those ones where he continued and just forgot what started it all off in the first place. I took this picture after I'd pulled back into our driveway and received a message from my partner asking how we were.... I just sent this pic 😂 I like to take these sorts of photos to remember that there were bad times. He is loved and treated with great affection! Honest! He went straight for a nap after X
Ben Tantrum 
Hi - just stepping in here before people get too concerned. I'm sure every one of these parents love their children and do reassure them. I definitely do - very often but occasionally toddlers do throw tantrums for effect and to get attention and as you can see in the comments the children shown here were not in true distress. I'm sure if they were their parents would be helping them.
Eli, one again, decided to play with something that wasn't his or even a tou for that matter. I took it away from him just as I was taking a picture and he did not like it. Proceeded to have a crying session the whole way home. Life with babies isn't always fairies and butterflies with unicorns. What I mean, they're not always smiling and being happy, but its all worth it for when you get to see those beautiful smiles :) wish I had a camera like that, could take better quality pictures of the babbas
Neill Johnstone 
My just-turned-six year-old really wanted to wear his new trousers. The argument was 20 or 30 minutes old by this point. It was also moot since it was bathtime. In terms of rage level, he really raised the bar with this one, so we recorded it for posterity. Since he is in the bath, I can't share the actual video, but here is the transcript: Dad: Let it out. Talk to the camera Billy: I will not, unless I get my own way. I want to wear different trousers. I don’t want to wear my green ones … They have little pockets. As long as I don’t have to wear them, I’ll stop whining. I won’t even leave my bedroom if you won’t let me wear those. [wails] Now PLEASE CAN I WEAR THEM MUMMY? [wails] Dad: Can you outline the problem once again please? Billy: I want to wear my new trousers [wails] Mum: What’s the problem with the green ones? Billy: It’s got small pockets and I want big ones. I can barely fit a hankerchief in them. [wails] I can’t even fit a handkerchief in them. [wails] Mum: So how do you feel at the moment? Billy: ANGRY! [screams] Mum: And is crying helping? Billy: No… I. Just. Want. To not wear these trousers. If I don’t wear these, I’ll stop crying. [wails] Dad: Are you trying to hold us to blackmail? Billy: [wails louder] Mum: Has it worked before, that you cried and cried and got your own way? Billy: NoooOOOOO. [wails] Mum: It’s never worked has it? Billy: No. [wails] I just want my new trousers. I think I’ll probably cry forever. [wails] Dad: Do you think you had too much ice cream and sweets? Billy: No. [wails] It’s just because I don’t get my own way. I didn’t get to wear new trousers, which I haven’t worn at all. [wails] So PLEASE can I wear them? [wails] Dad: I think we’ve heard all of your points now Billy, but is there anything you wish to add? Billy: No. [wails] I just think I’m dying [screams]. PS: Of course I love him, but teaching your kids to talk about their feelings (and get their priorities straight) is all part of parenting. He has long forgotten the episode (and the trousers!)
Ben Tantrum 
... I've got all this to come! thanks for sharing Neill!
My little Prince(ss) threw the mother of all tantrums because his sister wouldn't let him have her tiara to complete his outfit!!
Sam, aged 4 having a strop in the sports centre because we wouldn't buy him chocolate from the coffee shop. I love how the staff are totally ignoring him too!
This is Darcie having a tantrum over her hair being dried. She also doesn't like, being dressed, undressed, nappy changed or being strapped in a high chair!
Anna S 
I was trying to take cute picture of my daughter for her thank you cards ..... I got a few then she decided she'd had enough!!!
My graduation day, a lovely meal with family to celebrate and it all ended in tears, both kids crying and demanding attention. They had just about had it, didn't like the food, they were tired and so they both let me know about it!
Oh to be 1. When no one wants to get in the bath. Then no one wants to get out of it... #tantrumcental
Kayleigh H 
I love this thread!😂😂 here's my 18 month old having a tantrum because she couldn't take her new chair to you can see she won!😂😂
Kayleigh H 
Here's the after of the tantrum, the chair is in bed with her 😂
Kayleigh H 
Last she is having a 'moment' because I tried to help her get her tights on!😂
Naughty mummy turned peppa pig off, because if she heard peppa talking for five more minutes it would have been her throwing the tantrum
Woody has the bath time blues 💙 This face is the result of me not allowing him to walk around in the slippery bath and poke his tiny baby fingers into the overflow holes. What a terribly mean Mama I am 🙈 #1yearoldproblems
"Not here again" 🙄
Kelly Ekardt 
Edith decided she was tired of walking around the V&A and parked herself on the floor. She lied there for quite some time.
Lucy Bridgeman 
She wanted to press the selfie countdown timer but her brother pressed it first, oops!
Who knows why! Tired? Hungry? Too hot? Too cold? Pretty sure he wasn't hungry though... @tantrumXYZ, @lifecake #TopTantrums
This is Ivy being nice and dramatic because I had a bit of her ice cream cone, which was falling off anyway. How dare I touch her ice cream 🤣🤣🤣#SillyMummy
Because he wasn't allowed to go swimming in the fountain at the fancy restaurant. 😒
Because he wasn't allowed to electrocute himself! 🙆🏼
Because he wasn't allowed to use his baby sisters face as a road for his toy bus! 😫🙆🏼😧
Yasmin's pre-school vaccination. No one likes injections and I wasn't expecting Yasmin to be any different. I came prepared - I had milk, her favourite cuddly dog and a huge chocolate gold coin. I felt armed and ready for the battle ahead. Her protest cries started before we went into the nurses room, the injection lasted 2 seconds and it took 5 minutes for the chocolate coin to work its magic and quieten her tears. That wasn't Soo bad, I thought. Job done, let's go have some fun. However, I wasn't prepared for the second almighty meltdown triggered by me trying to be helpful. I unwittingly undid a teeny weeny bit of the gold wrapper of the coin, which she had been struggling with, so that she could eat it. Big mistake! 'Why did you do that!' She screamed. 'I wanted to do it! Now you've ruined it, I want another one! I'm not going to eat it now!' She repeated this over and over in the middle of the Doctor's surgery waiting room. At this point, I wanted to scream and shout too!
On our holiday last week, Mummy wouldn't let him hold the big pinchy crab his older brother had caught in padstow harbour. It was a pretty epic tantrum which a pasty soon sorted.
Dinner time... god damn those fish fingers.
Because it was her birthday...
He couldn't fit third bottle in his mouth
9 month old Captain America throwing a tantrum because he wants some of mummy's juice (as he now calls it) or as it's commonly known...Red Wine!
Because he wasn't allowed to put daddy's fingers in his mouth for the birthday picture! I can never get a nice picture of him..he's either throwing a tantrum or running off lol but this will be on the front cover of his birthday album though.
He wanted to go camping, instead of going to the shops...:-)
Lisa Tantrum 

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