How much is too much screen time for an 11 year old?

Limiting screen time is a good idea if you are concerned that your kid is losing out on other things (exercise, more social time with friends/family, etc.). However, it seems that there is a fear that 'screen time' is always a waste and that a kid is effectively brain dead when in front of a screen. Kids' brains are still very active even when watching simple TV programs. They actively try to make sense of the narratives, applying it to what they know of the world and vice versa. There was an interesting article about this a few years back which mentions a study related to this. Basically, make sure your kid is getting enough exercise and being social. Encourage educational games/programs when they are using a screen, but otherwise don't worry too much about screen time compared to other activities that your kid does while alone. They are still using their brain!
Well if by 11 year old you mean Daniel Radcliffe in the first Harry Potter film, then I'd say 1 minute.
Celine Bell 
I'd add to that a reminder that screen time can work to your advantage too. Need a shower/wee/phone call? It's ok to use the tv as a babysitter. But as with everything, moderation is key. Set the parental controls, make sure you watch some stuff with them and interact, and embrace a bit of quiet time!

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