How do I best deal with my toddlers night terrors? She will never settle after unless she is taken downstairs, then will happily go back to sleep on the sofa.

There are many things that can lead to night terrors, including irregular bed-times and so on. Interesting that she's able to settle but only downstairs. Is there a difference in temperature in the rooms? Overheating could be the cause.
Children don't wake up during night terrors and it's best to leave them alone as waking them up might shock/scare them. Maybe your child is having nightmares?
Celine Bell 
I've found that using a water spray to spray the room to get rid of monsters / clean the air / whatever blurb you go with works well. My two year old was scared of dinosaurs in his room (bless). I'm sure if you were so inclined you could add some lavender water etc too to make it smell nice. Disclaimer - idea nicked off a mate, but it works!

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