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Read this before you hire your next babysitter...

Most of us have stories to tell about how babysitters, nannies and childminders have done something we’re not happy about: from putting up their prices to giving our kids too much sugar. But what do they think of us? I surveyed 200 babysitters registered with bubble, the app I co-founded to help parents find and pay for a recommended babysitter, to find out what the biggest parent fails are, and here are the results…

  1. Bringing in more children than was agreed for the babysitter to look after.
  2. Taking ages sorting out coins and calculating the fee in front of the babysitter.
  3. Not mentioning that they have a pet.
  4. Rounding down the hourly rate.
  5. Leaving out ironing or unwashed dishes as if to drop a subtle hint the babysitter should be doing extra chores.
  6. Not leaving food for the babysitter.
  7. Cancelling at the last minute.
  8. Insisting the kids will be fast asleep when everyone knows they won’t be.
  9. Coming back much later than agreed.
  10. Not mentioning the kids are ill.

:: Are you guilty of any of these? Or do you have any complaints about when you were a babysitter? Let us know below…