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It's good, but it's not easy, says Lisa Williams

Getting public transport with a baby is a bit like this...

There are many great things about going on public transport with a baby in a buggy: it's cheap, you don't need to worry about parking, and you are free to eat/play/check your phone while getting from A to B. But there also some really awkward things about hauling a buggy on to the bus, such as...

1. When you have to leave the buggy and wobble up the aisle to tap in. 


2. When you're sitting downstairs and no one knows you own the buggy and thinks you're taking up a seat when you should be further back or upstairs.



3. When your baby is crying and no number of rice cakes is going to calm him/her down.


4. When you're running late and there are already two buggies on board. 


5. When you're running late, and there's one buggy on board, and a wheelchair user turns up. 


6. When the driver lets you on but both buggy spaces are taken and you have to block the aisle till one gets off. 


7. Twin buggy! 


8. Spotting another buggy at the bus stop and not knowing who got there first. 


9. Trying to get down the aisle with a buggy loaded up with baby, nappy bag and shopping. 

10. Getting the bus for the first time with no bump, baby or buggy, and realising you're just an average nobody again.

:: What have we missed? Let us know below...