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Why we're here and what we can do for you...

1. SHOP: We love design, and we don’t see why your life as a parent should look any worse than it did before. Yes, there may be baby sick and soggy ricecakes everywhere, but there are still beautiful, practical clothes + gear for this new life, and we can help you find it.

2. TRAVEL: Similarly, why should you resign yourself to a life of package holidays and ‘family-friendly’ everything? You can have a young child and still go to interesting places and do interesting things, there might even be good stuff happening in your neighbourhood. We’ll help you find it.

3. TECH: Modern life isn’t rubbish. It’s brilliant. Tech is changing our lives, and mostly for the better. How can tech make your life as a parent easier + more fun? We know the answers.

4.  #PARENTLIFE: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ Also the hardest of times, the funniest of times, the most moving of times. We got your back, buddy.

5. EVENTS: We have some very exciting plans for some jaw-dropping events for parents, babies, parents with babies, parents without their babies. Sign up and we’ll invite you.

6. JUST FOR YOU: Eventually we will be able to tailor what you see on our site to what we think you might like (so you’re not getting newborn hacks when they’re teenagers).

7. FREE SHIT: Everyone likes free shit. We do prize draws, giveaways, goodie bags, sample sales and can get you discounts at cool places, too.

8. CREW: We’ll introduce you to parents like you. We’re very friendly too and like hearing from other parents who want to write, photograph, promote, discuss gender stereotypes in nursery rhymes etc.

9. US: We are a tech start-up based in Shoreditch. Our backgrounds encompass journalism, venture capital + technology. You can find out more about us here but, in short, we really want this to work and we have small children who need to eat so, yeah.

10. TEN: Because ten.

So, if you've got this far, well done! And thank you. And please join up below.

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