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Lisa Williams talks easyJet, natural wine + pushchair access

Our guide to baby-friendly Barcelona

1) On the whole, Barcelona's galleries and museums are happy for you to bring your buggy.

MACBA: Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona

2) In fact, they're much more worried about umbrellas.

3) And sometimes you don't need a buggy anyway.

4) Flap Happy sun hats are great. They’re waterproof, SPF 50 and wide-brimmed. They’re tied on so can’t blow away (or be pulled off), and they walk an impressive tightrope between goofy and sweet.

Flap Happy sun hats, £15 from Trotters

5) Babies love montaditos just as much as the locals love babiesIn other words, going out to eat in Barcelona with a baby is a blast. This one actually drew a crowd as he was sitting here.

Euskal Extea, Placeta de Montcada, 1, 08003 

6) The pride you feel on managing to change a nappy on an upturned wicker basket in the miniscule loo of a bar selling only natural, low-sulphite wines is indescribable.

Bar Brutal, Calle Barra de Ferro, 1

7) A Snoozeshade is like a blackout blind for your buggy, and can keep a baby asleep even as you make your way down La Rambla. For the uninitiated, La Rambla is like Oxford Street with added street artists, living statues, and fishbowl cocktails.

Snoozeshade, £18.99 from Amazon

8) One year on is too late for a push present, even when you spot a handbag you feel you Can’t. Live. Without. And especially when it costs €380.

Iriarte Studio, Cotoners 12 08003

9) A loud, chirpy tannoy announcement of the imminent arrival of the EasyJet duty-free trolley will never annoy you more than just after you’ve managed to get a crying baby to sleep.

10) Babies take terrible selfies, but allowing them to do so will buy you five minutes of peace after their rude awakening.

Have you been to Barcelona with a baby or small children? What did you learn while you were there? Let us know below...


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Ben Tantrum
I love Barcelona
Dadah to one
Might be a very different experience with a child though
Lisa Tantrum
No, it doesn't have to be! The all-night clubbing might be out, and there were a few seedier streets I didn't feel comfortable pushing the buggy through but, in general, they were so welcoming of the baby that we had more freedom there than we do at home!