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Ami Amin gives her tips for baby meals on wheels...

Products to help you keep your cool when feeding babies on the go

So you’ve got through the initial challenges of leaving the house with a newborn and pretty much nailed it, attending three baby classes a week in between coffees and lunches with your mates. You’re now an experienced 'on-the-go' parent with everything you might need for a leaky nappy or impromptu vom. Life with your little one starts to feel good, fun and, dare I say it, less stressful. Heck, you’re so sorted you start to imagine all the delicious and intricate gourmet meals you’re going to cook for your baby when she turns six months! Ha!

Fast forward a few weeks, your baby is six and a half months, you’ve got carrot puree on the only pair of jeans that fits, tiny bits of broccoli in your newly-washed hair and a fridge full of posh veg your mini empress has pre-allocated to the floor… You’re also half an hour late to meet your friend who’s kindly taken the afternoon off to see you. Suddenly, it all clicks why people kept telling you that you’d miss the days when she was only on milk.

If you’re anything like me and want to take as much of the stress out of the weaning process as possible while still maintaining a social life, here are a few items that make feeding your baby out and about a LOT easier:

1. Thermos stainless steel food flask, £15.90

This nifty item keeps food warm or cold for up to five hours. You can put your sweet potato mash or baby pasta stars straight into this after cooking and retain the warmth until your baby’s lunch time. This thermos allows you feed your baby lovely, warm food anywhere without compromising on goodness.


2. Isafe booster seat, £29.95

This is a clamp-on high chair, which my baby seems to prefer to any ordinary high chair, perhaps because it allows her to eat at the same table as me. It’s lightweight, folds flat and easily fits into the storage part of the buggy. Of course most restaurants and cafes provide high chairs, but they can be limited and/or filthy. This item is particularly handy when you’re visiting friends and family. It’s also a useful item to keep with grandparents or other carers as it can be neatly tucked away in a cupboard or drawer when not in use.


3. Polar Gear mini cool bag, £5.44

Once your baby is on solid food, chances are they’ll want a pudding to go with their main course and perhaps even a mid-afternoon snack. This cool bag is perfect for stowing some chopped-up fruit and a mini yoghurt pot, firm favourites for most babies during weaning. It’s also a huge relief for the parent and baby to have a cold yoghurt in your back pocket after a weaning tantrum. The cool bag neatly fits into any baby bag and will make you look and feel extremely organised!


4. Vital Baby feeding bowl and spoon, £7.99

All those hours spent at the stove will not have been in vain with this suction bowl, resistant to baby’s dismissive/surprisingly violent hand. It also comes with a slot for the spoon so you don't spend precious Peepo time playing 'where the eff is that spoon?'.


5. Feed Me Splash Mat, £8.95

If you’re visiting mates and are keen to do baby led weaning, then this mat could be the key to staying friends. It’s large enough to cover your baby's food-throwing range,  it’s easy to wipe clean and it looks very pretty, even when covered with an array of half-chewed vegetables. If you don't actually want to be invited back, leave the mat at home and let Junior do her worst.