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There are advantages to being pregnant at a festival, by Nancy Smallwood

Planning on going to a festival while pregnant? It's not such a stupid idea...


Ah, ain't pregnancy grand? The glow, the shiny hair, that unbelievably frequent urge to piss. And the backache. Plus that whole swollen ankle bullshit. Oh wait...

Yeah, at times, the side-effects can border on unbearable. And that’s when you’re at home.

So it might seem a bit mad to go to a festival, with all its noise, drunks and weird weather, and absolutely no beer to dull the pain.

But hear us out – ready? You should still go. It’ll be fun. It will.

Believe it or not, there are actually so many reasons why festivals can still be great even though you’re about to have a kid. And none of them involve smearing glittery face paint on your belly (unless that's what you're into). So upgrade your ticket to glamping, confess you’re still going to your family, and bulk buy wet wipes – you’ve got a festival to plan for.

1. You’ll be festival royalty

Remember going to festivals in your pre-baby days and seeing someone rocking out with a bump like no big deal? It’s next-level impressive. More so if your sole achievement of the day was remembering to eat a Hobnob with your breakfast cider.

Pregnancy is the ultimate hardcore festival badge of honour. Expect to be offered seats, queue jumps and hi-fives wherever you go. Props.

2. Booze is actually kind of rubbish

The idea of constant sobriety at a festival may feel terrifying, but don’t sell your ticket just yet. Yes, at times it will be shit not being able to keep up with your mates, but not drinking has a tonne of upsides. You can strike out on solo missions to strange side-acts you’d never make it to if you were both trollied. You’ll save loads of money. And completely side-step hangovers.

3. Snacks, snacks, snacks

Pregnancy hunger is no joke, and this is where the fancy food trucks come into their own. Enter a realm of posh bacon butties. A world of spirulina smoothies. In fact, why not compensate for the lack of drinking by eating constantly instead, sampling organic sorbet and luxury kedgeree? Baby wants it.

4. You will feel so much more capable than you ever thought possible

Real talk for a minute. The reality is that just because you’re having a kid, your friends aren’t going to get sober and start going to bed and all that stuff. At least, not for a while.

So you have two options. You can either feel left out and sorry for yourself (rubbish - please don’t do this), or you’re going to adapt and try - and the operative word is try - to do it all anyway. What was fun before will still be fun now, just different. And a festival is an amazing way to prove to yourself it can, and will, be done. Just stay away from the moshpit.

5. Your baby will be cool as hell.

‘You went to Glastonbury before you were even born’ etc.

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I went twice to Glasters pregnant. I did enjoy overhearing conversations after nudges and side glances to my bump they would whisper 'look how pregnant she is...would you do that?' I definitely didn't enjoy getting stuck in the mud with lots of people walking around me and pushing. Oh and waking up without a hangover was a nice change!