Emily Quinton from Makelight shows us how to create a beautiful flat-lay from your holiday souvenirs. With Airbnb

Forget scrapbooking and bullet journals, now it's all about the holiday flat-lay. If you and your kids keep some souvenirs from your family holiday, when you're back you can put them all together into a beautiful flat-lay photograph to keep forever.

Emily Quinton, from Makelight, visited Porto with her family to stay in an Airbnb as part of our #TripsXYZ family travel project, and kept hold of little keepsakes such as train tickets, stones from the beach, coins, paintings her children did while away, photos of the trip and pretty menus and maps. Here she shows us how to arrange them to make them look Instagram-ready.


Hannah Baker
I don't get then just have a load more stuff kicking around your house. I though it was going on the wall or something. Am I being dense?
Lisa Tantrum
@Hannah - I think the idea is to photograph it and then have your photo to keep and frame, and then you can get rid of the leaflets and tickets etc..