#Ad: We asked kids 'What is a holiday?' and this is what they said..

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If our 45-second film doesn't make you laugh, you have a heart made from stone...

We’re big believers in parents being able to retain their identity after having kids. Even though the world changes the moment you become a parent, you are still you. And this is why we think this is a great time to be a parent: you can get hipster nursery rhymes, take your baby to stand-up comedy, and learn to code alongside your kids. It’s also why we love Airbnb. We never liked a package holiday before the babes came along, so why should we all have to start going on them now?

Airbnb has more than 2.3 million family-friendly listings on its site (think gated pools, free wifi and kids’ toys), and allows you to search for holiday homes using this filter. If you’re on a budget, you can hire somewhere much more design-conscious than the hotels in your price bracket, and - our personal favourite - you can use the kitchen facilities to cook up a good dinner with local produce, stick the kids in bed, and stay out on the terrace playing cards while they sleep.

We are working with Airbnb this summer to answer your questions about family travel. We are sending 10 families you might have heard of on trips to Airbnb properties, and getting them to report back on what they learnt about their experience, feeding back any gems about the destinations and practicalities of their holidays. You can follow their experiences on social media under the hashtag #TripsXYZ and keep your eyes peeled here for their holiday guides. If you want to know about family-friendly Cornwall or how to survive on a trip with your kids and your parents, this is where to find out.

And to kick it all off, we bundled a load of the families into Airbnb's gorgeous London office, brought in Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Paleodimos, and asked the kids what they thought of when they heard the word 'holiday'. This is the result...


:: Starring, in order of appearance:
Lisa, Stanley, Tess and Ben from TantrumXYZ
Oren, Emily, Rudi, Max, Stef and Imogen from Makelight
Sarah, Marley and Jason from Sarah Akwisombe
Phin, Pip, Joan, Jayla and Zayden from Frame
Shot by Michael Paleodimos, produced by Lisa Williams, edited by Nathan Strachan.