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4 exercises to do while you're watching TV...

There’s something about watching tennis that makes you want to reach for a racket and play. Could it be the muscular, tanned bodies, the primal grunting, or the satisfying pop and thwack of ball against racquet? Who knows? And though you might be inspired to dress head-to-knees in white and head to your local tennis courts, it’s actually far easier to start with some tennis-style strength training from your own front room. Garry Kerr of British Military Fitness has provided the short programme below. It doesn’t need any fancy equipment and you can do the exercises while you’re actually watching Wimbledon 2016. You can’t get more inspo than that. Love.


While watching the tennis, perform tricep dips on a chair to tone your upper arms. Facing away from the back of the chair, place both hands on it, with fingers pointing forward, shoulder-width apart ,and arms straight over the hands. Your feet should be placed flat on the ground in front. Your back should be kept close to the chair while you lower your body until the elbows are at right angles. Your arms should then be straightened back to the start position. Knees must be kept bent and the elbows should be bent to right angles. See how many you can do during each game.


While watching a long rally, take the opportunity to do a little boxing. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then bring one foot forward to give yourself a stronger stance. Raise your fists to your shoulders and, keeping elbows up, punch each arm forward, one at a time. Punch your right fist over to your left side and vice versa – aim for 20 on each side. To make it even more difficult, you can squat at the same time.


When the players re-hydrate, grab your water bottles too and perform shoulder raises with a one litre bottle in each hand. Shoulder raises are performed by standing with feet shoulder-width apart, with knees soft and a neutral spine. Place your arms at your sides with a bottle in each hand, raise the arms out to the side to shoulder height and then lower your arms. Aim to do 40 – 50 in this session.


When celebrating a great Ace, instead of clapping, perform a clap press-up instead. To avoid any on-court injuries, these can be performed on the knees. Hands should be placed flat on the floor with fingers pointing forwards, shoulder-width apart. The feet should be pushed as far back as possible and then come down onto your knees. Your body weight should then be held on the hands and knees. The arms should bend enough to enable both hands to leave the ground, clap and fall back. Try to perform at least five of these to show your appreciation!

:: Find out more about British Military Fitness here

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