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Jane Bruccoleri kicks off a parent-led list of baby travel tips...

The best tips for travelling with a baby

1) Various baby travel systems are available, but we find a sling is good for the airport...

2) ...and a foldable stroller or pushchair for when you're there. (Also doubles up as a bag- and general travel crap-holder).

3) Take a fabric travel highchair so your baby can always join in at mealtimes...

4) ...and as many Ella's Kitchen food pouches as you can pack, just in case the local cuisine is not to their taste.

5) Don't be afraid to take your baby out with you for evening meals. The locals often prove to be a bit of a draw...

6) Days are gone when you could hire a zippy little motor. When it comes to car hire on holiday, bigger is better...

7) If your baby needs formula, take 1.5 times how much you think you will need, just in case you can't find the right brand while away. Steriliser bags are the best thing to take with you if you'll have access to a microwave. If not, these disposible bags are fiddly but can be used just with tap water. Check airport regulations for how much pre-mixed formula and expressed breastmilk you can take through security for the flight. They might ask you to taste it.

From The Spilt Milk:

8) Witnessing your baby's first taste of icecream is a highlight of weaning. But be warned, feeding them sweet potato will never be the same again. 


9) Take flats.  As at home, heels + baby = a terrible idea. Cobbled streets are brilliant for picturesque scenes and lulling a baby to sleep. Not so good for stilettos.

From Jane Upton:

10) In the city, find squares or green areas so baby can have a crawl or walk around every couple of hours. 

From Ami Patel:

11) Stick a muslin under your baby's hat for extra sun protection (plus it makes them look like a cute little baby shepherd).

12) Where possible, invite baby-friendly friends and family on holiday with you, to give you a bit of a break. 5:1 is a good ratio!

From Ben Wynne-Simmons at TantrumXYZ

13) If your baby is used to sleeping in a dark room, take a Gro Anywhere black-out blind, or get ready for some dawn wake-ups.

14) Building sand barricades is good exercise for you, and detroying sand barricades is good fun for the baby.

From Lisa Williams at TantrumXYZ:

15) Swimming in the sea is a different experience to swimming in a baby swimming pool. Be prepared for some apprehension.

16) When hiring a car with a car seat, allow time to fit it properly and be warned that some car hire companies do not allow their staff to fit the seat for you.

From Jo Sullivan:

17) Use a list making app so that you can check as you go, AND (crucially) uncheck again when packing up at the end of your trip. Also means you've got the list forever and don't have to rethink every time. I just use Google Keep and it does the job.

From Clio Wood at &Breathe Post Natal

18) If you forget the travel blinds and you have really odd shaped windows at your destination, hack a version with tin foil.  I kid you not, just wipe one side with a damp cloth and that aluminium will stick to any glass and block out every ray.

19) Travelling budget airline? Sounds unlikely, but try this: get on last and use the back door.  Chances are there'll be a free row or two near the back that you can take over, giving your kids and kiddy crap the space it deserves. And if not, you still have your own allocated seats to hunker down in. Works 9 times out of 10 for me.

From Little Bear Abroad:

20) Bring a role of electricians tape with you to baby-proof hotel rooms. It also acts as an excellent chew toy. 

:: WHAT HAVE WE MISSED? What can you add? Email us your best travel tips + accompanying photo and we'll include you! Or comment below...

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Pack a little make up bag / purse with 'interesting' objects, things that will keep baby busy in situations where they need to be occupied - they will enjoy zipping the bag up, taking the items out, putting them back in etc.