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Lisa Williams's pick of drinks which look as good as they taste...

Now we’re drinking less and spending more time at home, it makes sense to drink well and surround ourselves with items which don’t make our eyes hurt. So, for your drinking and viewing pleasure, I have rounded up some of the best-looking, best-tasting booze around…

1. Kraken rum, £30.99

Kraken spiced black rum is the kind of drink that knocks your socks off, and now its limited edition bottle does the same. It’s a replica of a Victorian two-handled bottle and can be used to scare the kids with too, if necessary.

2. Belsazar Rose Vermouth £17.40

Add tonic and lime to this drink for a low-alcohol ‘shim’-style drink, add the bottle to your drinks collection to say ‘I’m a bit poncey; and proud of it.’

3. Harris Gin, £35

This flask-like bottle is as cool and crisp as the gin itself, which has been distilled using botanicals harvested from the Isle of Harris, with an extra smack of sugar kelp for good measure.

4. St Germain, £15

A very pretty bottle for a pretty drink. Give the bottle pride of place on your bar, and the drink pride of place in your prosecco cocktails.

5. Briottet Liqueur de Violette, £20.84

Another drink to add to your glasses of fizz for a floral flourish; this bottle is a posh as the drinks it creates.


6. Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, £33

This concept bottle looks sleek and suave at first appearance, but the more you drink, the more of the terrifying ‘Mr Black’ appears..


7. Boodles Mulberry Gin, £25.95

Delicious Boodles Gin has been given a mulberry makeover both in taste and appearance, and this fine bottle is worthy of a front-centre spot in your drinks cabinet.


8. Chambord, £21.24

Black raspberry liqueur, made with honey and vanilla: what's not to like, people? And this spherical bottle should be on its own plinth.