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Sophie Herdman rounds up the best podcasts for parents like you...

The best podcasts for parents

Parents, meet your new best friend - the podcast.

Whether it’s honest discussions about parenthood, unusual stories about raising kids or simply someone telling you what’s going on in the outside world, podcasts can be a bit of a life-saver for new parents.

There are lots of great podcasts for parents out there, but here’s a collection of some of the very best:

Scummy Mummies

Presented by stand-up comedians Ellie and Helen, who each have two kids, this fortnightly podcast for ‘less-than-perfect parents’ is honest and hilarious.

In each episode the duo - who sound like the kind of people you’d really like to go for a drink with - get a mum or dad on the show to talk about both parenting and non-parenting stuff.

Guests so far have included ‘Queen of the Jungle’ Stacey Solomon, Guardian columnist Tim Dowling and music journalist Jude Rogers.

(NB, If you’re a Scummy Mummies fan based in London, you can catch them on August 12 at Cracking Up, Tantrum’s stand-up comedy event for new parents).

The Longest Shortest Time

This podcast is all about stories - think This American Life, but about parenting.

Tagged as ‘the parenting show for everyone’, it tells tales that will keep you gripped whether you have kids or not.

Creator Hillary Frank, who also presents the show, has a real knack for finding and telling stories and getting interviewees to open up.

The four-parter about two young gay men who became parents overnight after his niece and nephew faced foster care, is a great place to start.

BBC World Service: Daily Commute

When you’ve not got time to trawl the Guardian, listen to Radio 4 or spend half a morning browsing Twitter, newsletters like the Daily Skimm, and Tantrum’s very own Breeder’s Digest and podcasts like Daily Commute come in very handy.

The latter, Daily Commute, is a half-hour news podcast that’s available from around 9am every morning.

It gives you a comprehensive but succinct update on what’s going on around the world, features special weekend editions and will make you feel just that little bit more connected to the world.

Mom And Dad Are Fighting

The second podcast from the US to make this list (their podcast scene is more advanced than ours) comes from online magazine Slate.

Each week presenters Allison and Dan, both Slate editors and parents, are joined by a guest to discuss and debate a topic. And they don’t shy away from sensitive subjects, with previous episodes covering how much screen time is too much, and talking to your kids about weight.

The podcast also has regular features like Listeners’ Questions (which Allison and Dan attempt to answer) and the always enjoyable Parenting Triumphs and Fails.

Beardy Dads

This one comes with a slight caveat – it isn’t running anymore. But don’t let that put you off.

There’s a whole year’s worth of episodes to listen to that are perfect for new parents.

This is one of those no-frills podcasts. It’s just two dads - Roo and Nick - sitting in a room, sounding happy (but also a little bit tired), discussing parenting. They cover topics like car seats and teething with a matter-of-fact and calming tone that will leave you feeling gently reassured.


Special mention to: The Mothers Meeting podcast . There have only been two episodes so far - one about postnatal depression, the other about parental guilt - but both feature frank and open conversations that are definitely worth listening to.



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