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Toys that get them moving, loving + learning, by Lisa Williams

Which toys are best for babies aged 6 months to one year?

As your baby learns to crawl and cruise, toys which encourage mobility and co-ordination as well as build up strength and brain development are your ticket.

1) Breton bear rattle, £10

It’s not all movement at this stage, babies under one are learning to empathise too, and this is where a sweet teddy bear – such as this hipster Breton-striped bear – will help them learn to cuddle and care for a creature even smaller than they are.

2) Plui rain cloud bath toy, £8

Now they can sit up by themselves, bath time is as much about fun as it is about getting clean. This rain cloud bath toy is one of the most beautifully-designed around, and will give them an early lesson in cause and effect.

3) Finer Shop sensory balls, £9.99

Bright, bouncy balls with different textures and colours to explore will help your baby’s brain development and encourage them to get moving. These Finer Shop balls are easy on your interiors, too.

4) Colourful Creatures Block Puzzles, £12.95

Teach your baby how to stack with these retro-style cardboard blocks, which look good as well as providing ample opportunity to introduce your little one to numbers, animal sounds and colours.

5) The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser with Door Clamp, £58.99

Build up your baby’s strength in a bouncer, which allows them to be upright and to bounce to their heart’s content. Though you might balk at allowing the plastic leviathan that is a jumperoo (or ‘circle of neglect’ as we call it in our house), the Fischer-Price jungle jumperoo one gets babies’ approval, and doorway bouncers, such as this one are more discreet and can be packed away after use.