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The Made in Chelsea star on dummies, discipline and showbiz dreams..

Binky Felstead grew up in East Sussex and found fame in Channel 4 structured reality show Made in Chelsea . She has just had her first baby, India, with boyfriend Josh Patterson, and has designed a range of personalised babywear for My 1st Years.

My childhood was fun, sociable and outdoorsy. I grew up in the country with a big family and lots of friends dropping in all the time.

I had my ups and downs. My parents divorced and I was bullied at school and still have my insecurities, but I was very loved by my family. I remember being cuddled a lot.

I was bottle fed. I have a very strong immune system now.

Apparently my birth was very easy. My labour with India was induced and she came out really quickly, and my mother says her birth was exactly the same.

My earliest memory is crying in my cot and watching my mother come in and her going, ‘You’ll be ok’ and leaving again. It was at my grandmother’s house in Richmond, so I must have been really young. I remember the shadow of her coming in.

I was a nightmare. I was the youngest, so I had to be heard, otherwise I would have been ignored. I was quite a strong little one.

I didn’t have a favourite toy but I did have my pillow. I still take it everywhere. I even took it to hospital when I had India. It’s called Pillow.

I liked the Shetland Pony books, and I love Jilly Cooper now - slightly different!

My mum didn’t give me a dummy but I had my thumb. I had to give it up when I had my train tracks put in when I was about 8 or 9. I had a retainer which meant I couldn’t suck my thumb anymore, I had 6 years of dental work. It was really hard.

I always said I wanted to be famous. My mum would say, ‘You have to do your homework otherwise you won’t get anywhere’ and I’d say, ‘It doesn’t matter, I’m going to be famous one day,’ and she said, ‘No you won’t.’

I was disciplined a lot. My mum is the nicest woman in the world but then her eyes would turn and they’d go cold blue. I was naughty though so I’m glad I was disciplined. I know my rights and wrongs now, and I don’t want to upset anyone.

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