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TantrumXYZ's monthly networking meet for parents in startups

Please join us for a morning of informal business networking for parents working in start-ups or running their own businesses or blogs. You can road-test ideas, ask for help, cheerleading and/or connections, and meet a bunch of good people in the process.

This month we are thrilled that Airbnb are hosting the event for us.

We also have one Skype space available to book below, if you would like to 'attend' but are not based near London.

WHEN: Wednesday, 26 April 10.30am - 1pm (Can't come? Please add your name to the mailing list to be the first to find out about our next one)

WHERE: Airbnb London Office, 2-4 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3NW

PRICE: The event is free, but please only book if you are sure you can come, as we have high demand and limited space!

:: If you are happy to bring your babies/children, we are happy to have them. 

What people say about the Roundtable:

'Shout-out to the kind folk at TantrumXYZ for organising another one of their successful #RoundtableXYZ sessions. Aimed at parents running biz and startups, you can bring your baby, literally and figuratively, to brainstorm and share experiences with likeminded people. Ace idea, guys.' - Karina, Quick Brown Fox

'Sitting round a table with a group of parents who've all got their own businesses was brilliantly insightful and informative.' - Edwina, Clary & Peg

'A fantastic roundtable with TantrumXYZ for parents with their own businesses. Had some really engaging chats and met some awesome people. I also love their site, if you have kids - check it out.' - Alex, Ems

'I got to meet wonderful fellow parent bosses. We discussed our challenges, our ideas over tea and biscuits. Thank you Ben and Lisa for organising such a great event.' - Maxine, Digital Bon Bons

'So, so nice to have been part of the #RoundtableXYZ hosted by TantrumXYZ, with the lovely guests sharing lots of advice, ideas and useful information for indie brands.' - Emily, Doodle Moo

'Thank you Lisa and Ben for an inspiring roundtable.  It was really great to meet all of you and I look forward to seeing you all again and following your progress. ' - Johanna Birch Photography

'I really enjoyed today and found it extremely useful. It was lovely to meet everyone and hear all about your great businesses. It's really motivated me to just go for it!' - Nicole, Junior Rags

'Thanks again for organising the roundtable - its such a great idea and really helpful too.  I’m looking forward to the next one.' - Sahar, Trunkeroo  

'A chance to chat to some other amazing parents with businesses doing their thing! Feeling so inspired and motivated now.' - Natalie, Mothers Love Fashion

'There's nothing like hanging around with people with energy! It's a real tangible thing. I came away from the Tantrum #RoundtableXYZ full of ideas and positive vibes.' - Jemma, Mumma's Health Hub

'I'm brimming with ideas and motivation after an inspiring afternoon spent with this ridiculously talented bunch of people. Big thanks to all, especially Ben, Shane and Lisa from TantrumXYZ for this event' - Jo, Lobella Loves.

'Thanks for a fabulous afternoon - great to meet such a great bunch of like-minded people and share ideas.'  - Vicki, Bo & Bel

'Thanks again for organising Wednesday's session - I appreciate the time and effort this takes when you're already busy.' - Max, Hoop