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Brexit in brief, plus all the news, longreads + funny stuff you may have missed this week...


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  • David Cameron has announced he will step down as prime minister after the Brexit campaign’s victory in the EU referendum. He will stay on until October, he announced in an emotional statement on the steps of Downing Street. ‘I will do everything I can to steady the ship, but I do not feel it would be right to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination,’ he said.
  • Brexit won with 52% of the vote. 17,410,742 voted to leave the EU, 16,141,241 voted to remain. The turnout was 72% of the electorate.
  • So what happens next? The BBC has a handy guide
  • Time to revisit Deborah Talbot's piece on how Brexit might affect UK families.
  • As a result of the vote, the pound dropped by 11% to its lowest level in three decades.
  • During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Ukip leader Nigel Farage said that the Leave campaign’s pre-referendum pledge that £350m would be spent on the NHS was a mistake.








The IndeXYZ

Going up

  1. Irish passports: Surge in applications from UK residents expected.
  2. Breeders: Britain’s population has reached a record high of 65.1 million
  3. Children’s bed linen: Story-telling Forivor and colour-pop loving Willa & The Bear were among the stand-out stands at the latest kidswear trade shows.
  4. London tech: Twitter has paid $150 million to acquire UK start-up Magic Pony, which uses robot technology to scan and edit photos.

Going down

  1. British Summer Time: Where is it? We have paddling pools and water guns and want to use them.
  2. Wet wipes: Flushing wet wipes down the loo is causing littered beaches and blocked sewers, warns the Marine Conservation Society.
  3. Attention spans: New app, Joosr, condenses non-fiction books, such as A Brief History of Time, down to 15 minute reads.
  4. WhatsApp-lag: When one of your group chats goes mad when you leave your phone for five minutes, and you find 231 unread messages when you come back.



  • Give Angelina Jolie a chance. She guest-edited a special edition of Woman’s Hour and she wasn’t insufferable but articulate, passionate and hugely well-informed.
  • Do you want to write a novel? Booker Prize winner DBC Pierre provides a handy guide on Vice. Top tips include, ‘On a first draft, or if you're under pressure, cocaine could probably work’. 
  • Mark Zuckerberg covers the webcam on his laptop – should we do the same? The New York Times investigates


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