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Britain’s next PM will be a woman, as bookies’ favourite Theresa May and newbie Andrea Leadsom will fight it out for Number 10, after Michael Gove was knocked out in the latest round of voting. The chief Brexiteer could always cheer himself up by re-acquainting himself with the weird TV show he fronted in the 90s, which included some ‘hilarious’ gags about gay people and Hitler…




Tory grandee Kenneth Clark got caught slagging off Teresa May in an unguarded moment in front of the Sky News camera. He called her a ‘bloody difficult woman’ leading Twitter to have some fun with the #bloodydifficultwomen hashtag.



Former Back Eyed Pea Fergie has done her bit to try to break the internet with the video for her new single M.I.L.F.$ featuring an array of scantily-clad celebrity mothers. Kim Kardashian has denied her waist was photoshopped for the video, while our own Lisa Williams writes about the false feminism of Fergie’s MILF empowerment.

The Victoria and Albert Museum has been named Museum of the Year.

The critics might be lukewarm about the Ab Fab movie, but that’s not stopping cinemagoers loving it – a pair of grandmothers got so into it, in fact, that they were thrown out of a cinema for laughing too loudly. 


Wales’s dream run at Euro 2016 was ended on Wednesday by a Portugal team, inspired by Ronaldo. The Welsh went down 2-0 in the semi-final, a disappointing end to a marvelous campaign. Portugal will face France in Sunday’s final, after the team beat Germany on Thursday night.

Andy Murray takes on Tomas Berdych in the semi-final of Wimbledon today. If he wins, Roger Federer could well be the man to beat in Sunday’s final, with Murray gunning for his second All England Club title. 

Things have got messy for Lionel Messi. The world’s greatest footballer (sorry Cristiano) has been handed a 21-month prison sentence for tax fraud, although he is unlikely to serve any jail time. 


The IndeXYZ

 Going up

1) Spice Girls – whether you really, really want it or not, the Spice Girls are planning a reunion gig for 2017, although Victoria Beckham and Mel C will not be taking part. Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell (now Horner) and Mel B are planning to rename themselves ‘GEM’. 

2) Juno -  After a five year journey across space, the Juno aircraft has started orbiting Jupiter

3) Doughnut cones – Ice cream cone made of doughnuts; possibly the greatest invention in human history. 

Going down

1) Chris Evans – After disappointing ratings and a few Twitter rants, the ginger bellower has quit Top Gear after just one series

2) Hoverboards – The Back to the Future dream could be on hold for a while as half a million hoverboards were recalled in America due to fire risks

3) Nipples – The visibility of Serena Williams’ nipples to be precise, which SHOCKED tennis fans (apparently). #freethenipple




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