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The US final presidential debate sparked a Twitter frenzy after Donald Trump suggested that, if he was voted president, he would work to remove ‘bad hombres’ from America. The phrase immediately trended on Twitter with references to bad haircuts...

band names...

 and The Three Amigos...

During the debate Trump said he couldn’t say whether he would accept the result of the election in light of a win for Hillary Clinton. Speaking afterwards, he clarified that he would accept the outcome on November 8 in light of a ‘clear’ result, but left the possibility of a challenge open




  • Thousands queued to pay their respects to Anthony Foley, the Munster rugby head coach and former Ireland international, at a church in his hometown of Killaloe. Foley died suddenly in Paris last weekend. His funeral is set to be held on Friday. 
  • In the Champions League, Leicester City kept up their 100% record by beating FC Copenhagen 1-0 at home, but Manchester City got thrashed 4-0 at the Camp Nou by Barcelona, with Lionel Messi scoring a hat-trick. City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo had a nightmare match, getting sent off after passing the ball straight to Barca’s Luis Suarez. Bravo was brought to the club by manager Pep Guardiola to replace Joe Hart, a point that was not lost on internet comedians
  • Football manager Harry Redknapp admitted accidentally running over his wife when she got her foot and coat stuck in their car door. ‘I sort of drove over her foot, basically,’ he said.



Going up
Beyonce – Not even the small matter of having her ear lobe sliced open by an earring was enough to stop the pop queen in her tracks at a gig this week.

Ribena – The gorilla that escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo necked five litres of undiluted Ribena before returning to its cage. Lad.

Jemima Khan – Her controversial Halloween Donald Trump costume is being auctioned to raise money for Syrian refugees.

Going down
Wine - Global wine production has fallen by 5 per cent due to climatic events.

Mars mission - The European space probe Schiaparelli may have crash-landed on Mars after suffering technical problems. 
Cheryl’s marriage – Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/Versini-Fernandez is in need of a fresh surname after her she was granted a ‘quickie divorce’ from Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. 


  1. A tear-jerking account of mothering without a mother from Saturday Night Live star Casey Wilson on podcast Longest Shortest Time. 
  2. Vogue has published extracts from You Will Not Have My Hate, Antoine Leiris’s heart-breaking memoir about the death of his wife in the terrorist attack on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris. 
  3. We discovered that having a good swear might actually be good for you. Thank f***.
  4. There’s a lovely radio series hosted by poet Hollie McNish about birth sex and parenthood (We reviewed Hollie’s excellent book, Nobody Told Me, about being a mum, here.)