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How to take part in a Twitter chat

Every Tuesday at 8pm BST TantrumXYZ hosts #TantrumTuesday on Twitter. It’s an hour of funny + useful chatter, and a chance to ‘meet’ us and other readers online.

But how does a Twitter chat work?

Let us explain…

1. The host chooses a hashtag, in our case #TantrumTuesday. Please use this in all your related tweets and replies so your wit and intelligence doesn’t go unnoticed.

2. The host sends out questions on their Twitter feed, marked with Q1, Q2 etc.

3. The guests send replies to the questions, marked with A1, A2 etc

4. The guests can either reply to the host tweets, adding in the hashtag, or search via the hashtag and hit ‘Compose Message’, in which case the hashtag appears in the tweet automatically. An even nicer way to do it is to hit 'Retweet' on the question, then 'Quote Tweet' with your answer on the top (you can also do this when replying to other people's answers). 

5. Because... as well as checking the host’s feed, you can check the hashtag to see other people’s answers and feel free to reply to them too.

6. That’s it!

So join us on Tuesdays, people, it's the second most fun thing you can do in your PJs (Q1: What's the first?!). And shout us on Twitter if you have any questions. Our Twitter handle is @TantrumXYZ