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We have all new dads covered in our Father's Day 2016 gift guide, which has 15 non-shit presents costing from 71p to £300....

‘Shit’ is subjective. Of course it is. One man’s ‘shit’ is another man’s ‘awesome’, and so on. But, as Father’s Day approaches, so does the spectre of soap shaped like golf balls, novelty socks and cheap chocolate which, I think we can all agree, are shit. These items, on the other hand, are not generally thought to be shit. So, until your child has spending power of their own, why not buy something for your other half that’s actually quite nice? Here goes…

1) ‘Papa’ sweatshirt

£40 from Muklet click link for more info

He bought you the Selfish Mother ‘Mama’ sweater for Mother’s Day, you can get him this one for Father’s Day. That way there’s no mistaking who you both are. Tune in for more top tips. You’re welcome. 


2) ‘I fucking love you’ keyring

£6.50 from Filthy Sentiments

Ok, so your little one probably doesn’t phrase it quite like this, but the sentiment is there.


3) 2.2m Rainbow HQ Kite

£49.99 from Amazon

You may look at a man in the park with a huge kite and think, ‘wanker’, but when it’s you or your partner on the strings you’ll realise why kite-fliers look so smug. It’s exhilaratingly fun and, if you use a big rainbow kite like this, it doubles up as a baby sensory experience for the rugrat.


4) The ‘Hood’

£195 from L’Estrange London

If your partner likes to be the smoothest dad in the playground, this hoodie is perfect. As smart as a lounge suit but comfortable to lounge around in too.


5) ‘Coral Reef’ trunks

£65 from Syndicut

Ditto, the coolest dad in the swimming pool. These trunks are in a limited-edition print by Spencer Harrison, so buy them as quickly as you can say ‘everybody out the pool’.

6) Embossed leather notebook

£43 from Hope House Press

What better way to encourage him to to turn all those half-baked schemes (‘the world needs an in-cot milk dispenser’) into reality? You can personalise a default message to be embossed on these beautifully-bound and packaged notebooks, or come up with one of your own.


7) Song lyrics watercolour print

£34 from Not On The Highstreet

Take a lyric from a song he likes to sing or play to his baby, and immortalise it in print. One of the classiest personalised prints we’ve seen.


8) The Space Series: Robots Print

£31.50 from Magma

If having a child has brought out his inner child, he might like this Federico Babina print, which includes R2-D2 and Blade Runner’s Pris among its line-up. Be quick, this is a limited edition.


9) First-edition book

From 71p from Abe Books

Buy your partner the first edition of the book he likes to read to his little one, and prepare to be both adored (definitely) and rich (maybe). While first editions of recent books are relatively cheap to buy now (we found Guess How Much I Love You for 71p), they have tonnes of sentimental value and – one day – may be worth something.


10) Vintage wine

From £20 from Vintage Wine Gifts


Another sentimental one – this site allows you to order wine by year, meaning you can buy your partner wine to match the year of his babies’ births. Top tip: order two bottles of each vintage so you can open one now, and save one for posterity.


11) BabyBjörn Carrier One Outdoors

£169.99 from BabyBjörn

There aren’t many things as cute as a father out with his baby in a sling. This carrier is good for babies up until they’re three years old, has ample shoulder and hip support, and even has some storage space too. Tick, tick, tick.


12) ‘Breaking Dad’ t-shirt

£40 from Parent Apparel at the Dandy Kid

If your partner is a fan of both Breaking Bad and being a father (and we know a lot of men in the centre of this Venn diagram), this is the Father’s Day present for him.


13) Periodic table drinks flask

£12.95 from dotcomgiftshop

It doesn’t matter if the periodic table means nothing to him, this flask looks cool. And yet it keeps drinks very hot; very useful for long walks out with the buggy.


14) Sproutling baby monitor

$299 from Sproutling

If he’s a nervy father (and there's no stigma in this), this invention could be the answer to his anxiety. Like a Fitbit for a baby, Sproutling monitors heart rate, temperature and movement, and sends the results to the parents’ phone. Currently on ‘waitlist’ mode, order now for Father’s Day 2017.


15) 'Caffeine' iCal

£3.49 from etsy

Turn his Mac into a Magritte (kind of), with this simple sticker.

:: Please post about any other non-shit present ideas for Father's Day below...


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