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We've cooked up a short list of photography tips to ensure you take great photos at each development milestone

Natural daylight is always better than electric lights

Place the beautiful subject near a window (closed for safety reasons) to enjoy a full chromatic spectrum. Electric lights often have a yellow hue and the amount of light is typically lower than sunlight, which negatively impacts the quality of the image.



Avoid strong direct light

Shadows cast across the subject’s face can confuse the photo and hide a cute button nose.  Standard camera flashes can be just as bad - try to avoid using them.


Use a simple background

For example use a plain sheet or uniform wall (exposed brick works best for the hipsters among you). You don’t want the apple of your eye to be camouflaged against an unsympathetic backdrop or - shock horror - upstaged by it. Simple block colour backdrops are generally best.



Leave a ‘margin’ around the subject

Don’t squash your child into the corner of your photo frame.  Front and centre is usually best. It allows you the ability to crop your photo later without cropping a limb from your child.



Use a narrow depth of field

Everyone loves an image where the baby is in crystal clear focus and the background is out of focus. The contrast makes the subject of your image jump out. Unfortunately this requires a great camera lens and a great lens is also a great expense so, until you get an iPhone 7, perhaps use a free photography app such as Retrica that has a 'lens blur' feature.



Use our milestone card photo filter

If you haven't seen it already (which planet have you been on?) check out our brilliant free digital milestones tool. The tool works best with portrait photos. Some example photos and filters are below