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We've created a free tool to design digital milestone cards that work on Instagram and Facebook

How to get the best out of our free baby milestone stickers

One of the greatest pleasures in life is showing off photos of your child. Yes it might bore the subjected viewer to tears but it’s not really for their benefit and, besides, you’ve probably had to sit through hours of other people's babies' photos. Hell, it's YOUR turn, already!

The question is then how to photograph your baby and show him or her off in the best light. What we're aiming for is the greatest volume of coo-ing from adoring social media friends and followers.…. *Enter to the sound of trumpets* TantrumXYZ’s Free Baby Milestone Cards.

We put this natty little widget together, along with the best of East London’s graphic designers - Gilles & Cecilie Studio - to help you transform your baby photos into veritable peacocks of the social media age.

What are TantrumXYZ’s baby development milestone cards?

Quite simply milestones cards are a great way of documenting the development of your baby during her first year.  A development milestone can relate to an age your baby has reached, eg, 1 week old, 6 months old, 1 year old etc, or to a set of achievements such as a baby’s first smile or something more mischievous such as the 'Guess what I just did' card (which can relate to the misdemeanor of your choice).

Here at TantrumXYZ we’ve updated the idea and made the milestones into photo filters suitable for the Facebook and Instagram age. It’s possible to get the filters in a range of different styles, colours and with different milestones and we hope to be extending the range soon.

You can find the milestones cards by following this link.  If you need some inspiration you can see what others have done using our hashtag  #MilestonesXYZ  (Pinterest examples are here and Instagram examples are here)

How do the baby development milestone cards work?

  1. The first thing you need to do is take a photo of your baby. For the best effects follow our tips on ‘How to take great baby milestone photos’ (portrait, margins, simple background)
  2. You can use a mobile or desktop to navigate to the milestones cards section of the site. Just make sure you have the photos stored on the same device
  3. Next pick a milestone style. Note that each style has associated ‘sub-styles’ so you can find the image you want with the right text you want and choose if you want the filter in colour or monochrome.
  4. Upload you photo. To do this click the orange button and select the correct photo or file.
  5. Edit your photo.  You can zoom in to certain areas of the photo and rotate the image as necessary.
  6. Download your image. Note for mobile you need to press and hold the image and you will get the option to save the image to your camera roll. For desktop you simply have to click the button provided and the download will start.   
  7. You’re good to go! Share your work of art liberally and wait for the outpourings of adoration.
  8. BONUS POINTS – share your image on social media using the hashtag #MilestonesXYZ and you’ll get more social media love from us and the TantrumXYZ community.