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5 tips to avoid sugar tantrums this Easter

Look, obviously you are going to be doling out the chocolate this Easter. It’s what Easter’s FOR (well, apart from a religious event of great spiritual significance of course).

We love chocolate as much as the next toddler, but for those of you who don’t want your little ones to go totally bonkers with sugar highs and lows, we asked Dr Edward Gaynor, Paediatrician and Clinical Fellow from Bupa, for some tips on how to keep sugar damage to a minimum this Easter.

This is what he said:

1.      Encourage your kids to drink water instead of soft drinks, fruit drinks, cordials this week. Add flavour with a lemon, lime and/or mint for a nice twist.

2.      If the kids are attending an Easter egg hunt, make sure everyone eats a meal first. This will slow down the temptation to gorge.

3.      Use fresh or dried fruit as a sweetener instead of sugar if you need to sweeten your breakfast, cereal, oats or porridge.

4.      Play the 'sugar switch' game during your supermarket shop this week. Read the nutrition information panel of a packaged item you usually buy; if it has more than 15g of sugar per 100g (or 7.5g per 100ml for drinks), try to find a product that has less sugar.

5.      Try to remove other high-sugar foods from the cupboard for the Easter holidays (e.g. lollies, biscuits and ice-cream). Choose healthier snacks like fresh fruit, a slice of cheese, vegetable sticks, or unsalted nuts instead.

Boom. Good luck, guys, and happy Easter egg hunting.