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Source: Harry Woolacott

Actress and children's author Isla Fisher gives her 5 top tips to writing for kids

Wedding Crashers and Home and Away star Isla Fisher, who has three children: Olive, Elula and Montgomery with actor Sacha Baron Cohen, published her first children's book Marge in Charge last year. On the release of her third book Marge and the Great Train Rescue, she offers us her 5 top tips for children's writing...

1. Write a lot

First and maybe most importantly, to be a writer, you have to write. ALL THE TIME. With passion, creating stories and characters from the heart. Write a little every day if you can. I do it on the school run, dictating ideas into my phone to write up later! A little soon becomes a lot. Write what you love, and what you know about. And never put any pressure on yourself for it to be amazing off the bat, as that can be paralysing. Just enjoy the process.

2. Be funny

I think humour is so important in children’s books. Laughter is a wonderful way to connect with kids. It doesn’t matter what age you’re writing for, if it’s funny then kids will want to read more and more. I don’t think children have a very different sense of humour to adults, they are into silliness! Even in Shakespeare there is always the fool. Stupidity is the universal bedrock of comedy.

3. Be kind to yourself

If you find you have writer’s block, take a break, go for a walk, go to your local bookshop and eat croissant after croissant (just me?), and inspiration will strike. And of course if that doesn’t work, talk to your agent, your friend, your kids… you’ll soon start writing again!

4. Read widely

Read as much as you can, there are so many amazing children’s books out there. They will help you to understand your own story, characters and ideas.

5. Be positive

Believe in your ideas and don’t give up.

:: Marge and the Great Train Rescue, suitable for kids aged 5 - 8 years old, is out on August 10, published by Piccadilly Press