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Lisa Williams talks to Katie Piper about her childhood

Katie Piper the TV presenter, author, designer and mum, on her background and family...

After a brutal attack in which she was burnt with sulphuric acid, former model Katie Piper has become an activist and public speaker, setting up the Katie Piper Foundation, which seeks to make life easier for people with burns and scars. She's also mother to two-year-old daughter Belle, and has just designed a range of My Babiie pushchairs in earthy tones and fun prints. She spoke to Lisa Williams about how she was raised.

My childhood was secure, idyllic and fun.

I was breastfed.  My brother, sister and I were all breastfed. I know that.

My middle name is the same as my daughter, Elizabeth. It’s a family middle name. My mum has it, my cousin and my grandmother. 

I know I was a blue baby, and I was born with the cord wrapped around my neck. That must have been quite traumatic for my mum. I think everything else was okay, it was a natural birth.

My earliest memory is visiting my sister in hospital when she was born. I remember dressing up for her; putting on my dress and beads to go and meet her.

My mum said that I was a tomboy.  My brother was the eldest and I'm the middle child. My mum said she has memories of me jumping out of trees and climbing. I had a little push bike thing and once fell off it spectactularly and just got back on. I was all rough and tumble, like a little boy.

My favourite toy was a Sylvanian Family house. I collected them all. 

I know I didn’t have a dummy but I sucked my thumb right up till the age of 15. I had a shrunken misshapen thumb. I found it really hard to give it up. I had to get that thing from Boots that you put on to stop biting your nails. 

Because I was quite loud, I loved putting on shows in the front room for my family and my grandparents. We’d go to a lot of charity shops to buy clothes, then dress up and put on make-up and force everyone to watch us performing. 

My mum spent a lot of time with us being creative. She’d get the Argos catalogue out and we’d cut pictures out and stick them down to make stories. We’d sit there making pizzas from Play-Doh pizzas. Even at 33, I remember enjoying that.