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Mother's Day gifts that aren't tacky pieces of shit...By Lisa Williams

Mother's Day presents are always a bit shit. There are as many different types of mother as there are different types of human, so it's hard for shops to work out exactly what every mother is going to like. But... we quizzed our new mother friends for ideas on what they would like to get from their other halves this Mother's Day (it's on Sunday, March 26, if you were wondering), and this is what they suggested...

1. These are the Veja trainers making us drool right now. Retro red and navy, with an off-white soul, these are the kind of trainers you're happy to either go to work or push a buggy in. £105, from LN-CC

2. Fragrance specialists Jo Malone London have nailed gifting. Not only are their scents and bottle designs 100%, but they arrive in wow-this-is-a-bit-special packaging. From £40, from Jo Malone London.


3. Nothing like a daily bit of positive affirmation for a new mother and this 'You're the Tits' mug will bring a smile and a warm cuppa to the lips of your lady. £12, from Cafe of Curiosities.


4. If she's had trouble with a weak pelvic floor after pregnancy, the Elvie is a gadget which encourages women to do their kegels by turning it into a Tetris-style game. £149, from our shop.


5. Moleskine have created a way of turning handwritten doodles and notes into digital files with this Smart Writing Set. Stationery and tech geeks will freak. £199, from Moleskine


6. BBC presenter Cherry Healey's 'love letter' to her body covers issues such as waxing, diets, pregnancy and breastfeeding; sometimes excrutiating, always hilarious. £5.59, from Amazon


7. A voucher from Mumdays allows the recipient to order services such as a massage, a pedicure, a door-to-door laundry service or some professional cleaning. From £60, from Mumdays


8. You'd like to go out on a date but you're too tired, too broke and too out of babysitting favours. So try this Date Night In package - as sexy as a hotel suite. £29.50, from Don't Buy Her Flowers.