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Monochrome nursery inspiration by interior designers Born & Bred Studios

Lisa from Born & Bred Studios on turning your child's room into monochrome heaven...

From the reassurance of the twenty week scan when we chose not to know the sex of our tiny dot, my thoughts turned to the baby’s room, as they would being a designer.

But what to choose? The marketplace is vast and the choices are endless (most of which just look like a competition of how many primary colours can you throw on one item!).

I was initially torn between Mrs Mighetto Oh Cloud whimsical wallpaper and Sian Zeng dinosaurs, which I still have plans for btw. Both of which are considerable investments if your dot turns out to be a boy who doesn't like fairies. I’m a huge advocate of gender neutral toys, clothes and play, but chickened out when it came to my wallpaper choices.  

I opted for what is now a very popular and diverse option on Scandinavian influenced monochrome. And for good reason. It's clean, neutral and contemporary, and slowly eases you into...let’s face it, decades of crap (I mean kids toys), whilst complementing the rest of the house.

Babies only see in black and white for the first few weeks of their lives so I have beautiful memories of my son exploring his new little world, totally mesmerised by the strong contrasts in his room. And in the months to come, as the generous gifts rolled in, it’s a great background for the colourful toys which are slowly building up.

And for all those who receive the advice, ‘Don’t worry about the nursery, you have lots of time. You won’t be using it for six months.’ Politely ignore them and get planning. My little dot has slept in his room from eight weeks and prior to this we shared the space all hours of the day and night getting to know each other and hunkering down whilst mama got to grips with nursing.

It’s been our own little special place. Somewhere to hide away when the visitors got too much or we needed a little privacy in the early days. Somewhere fresh and new that I couldn't pick floors in. It’s amazing what you pick up on when feeding around the clock. Who knew how bothered I’d get with the sight of my dirty skirting boards. 

What advice would I give to the expectant couples out there?

Get the nursery ready.

If you don’t do it soon, I guarantee you’ll start panicking in your ‘nesting’ period where your nuts - you know cleaning keys with a toothbrush, shouting at your other half for breathing, and way too big to take on a room decorating project.

Don’t do a one stop shop in one brand, it will never look as you intended. Shop online with stores that stock multiple brands. Mix some vintage finds with modern pieces and add texture (granny May’s knitted blanket, your first teddy). And take a look at all of those pins you've collated on Pinterest. Yes, they’re not all practical. However, allow yourself a few impractical luxuries you’ll love.

We purchased Miffy which seemed a tad indulgent as we didn't even have the basics like a cot or a pram. But it’s easy on the eye and Miffy’s been a good listener over the last few months at all hours of the day and night.

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