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Plus tips from our expert panel...

As a Christmas service to you, our beloved readers, we followed Yonder Star to seek out the cleverest, funniest new parents on the planet to help solve all your possible Christmas queries.

Yes indeed, we gathered Mat Riley (firefighter, baker, and presenter of Mat Riley's Daddy Daycare with his one-year-old son Ru), Lucie Cave (mum to one-year-old Ridley and editor-in-chief at Heat magazine), and Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukka founder and mama to three-year-old Mae) together at Little Feast in London and asked them all about how to have a good Christmas with little ones and in-laws in tow.

As a special treat, we were joined by Anna’s daughter Mae on the panel, who sat serenely in her high chair like a mini Oracle, and even joined in on some of the chat.

We covered non-alcoholic drinks which aren’t horrible, how to get on with the in-laws, which games are the best for Christmas Day (impassioned arguments for Scrabble, Linkee + Spoons were presented), and what to ask for this Christmas.

We were really happy to see so many of our readers and friends, and to meet new ones. When we organise these things we always fear that no one will turn up, and we’ll be there splitting up the goody bag spoils between us as we sob, but it was a lovely gang who joined us and we were pleased lots of people who couldn’t make it could tune in to our live feed instead.

So thank you to our lovely panellists and our brilliant guests. Till next time! And let’s each raise a Firefighter to a Happy Christmas!

Interesting non-alcholic drinks 

This is an excerpt from Lucie, Mat and Anna in conversation with TantrumXYZ editor Lisa Williams. You can watch the whole thing on our Facebook page here.

Lucie: I remember when I found out I was pregnant I thought, ‘What am I going to do without red wine?’ So I looked up on the internet if you could get good non-alcoholic red wine. You can’t. There’s only Schloer. But you can put it in a big wine glass and pretend.

Lisa: And you sound a bit drunk when you say Schloer

Anna: I’d go for full-on Red Bull while everyone is getting drunk. Imagine if you’re in a confined space, with everyone else going slowly into a stupor while you’re driving everyone mad on Red Bull.

Lisa: My pregnant drink was Becks Blue, because I’m partial to a beer, but then I realised that non-alcoholic beer is basically just fizzy water.

Mat: I’m unlikely to get pregnant this Christmas but I do like Hot Ribena, it’s almost like a mulled wine.

Anna: It doesn’t sound very sexy though.

Lucie: You need to give it another name.

Anna: The Firefighter!

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Thank you to Little Feast for the venue and the cocktails, Get Fruity for the snacks, Pip Organic for the drinks, Mothercare for the highchairs, Anorak for the colouring-in books, and NPW Gifts for the crayons.

All photos copyright Nichola Treeves/Ben Wynne-Simmons/TantrumXYZ, please ask before reusing.