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Take our anonymous survey about sex after kids

*The survey is now over. Please watch this space for the report. You can follow the Hotbed Collective on Instagram here, and sign up to hear more here.*

Sex after kids: does it happen? Does it happen enough? It is good enough? Will it do? 

TantrumXYZ's Lisa Williams, BBC presenter Cherry Healey, and Selfish Mother editor Anniki Sommerville met for a drink and, after a few gins, agreed that sex after kids was a HOTBED, and that we need to talk about it more: from sex tips to pelvic floors, to birth trauma and just not feeling sexy any more.

We decided to set up the Hotbed Collective, a collective of people interested in debate around sex, to bring together relevant information, to hear different voices and experiences, and to progress debate. Ultimately, we want people to have great sex. Will you join us? You can follow the Hotbed Collective on Instagram, keep an eye on our hashtag #BackInTheSack, or email us here if you'd like to get involved.