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Sssh, keep the noise down...

One thing you may hear before you delve into the daunting but delightful world of parenting is that when you become a parent, sleep becomes a thing of the past. Remember sleep? No, in those early days, we didn’t, either. So, to help make that journey to bedtime that little bit easier, we bring you our guide to the sleep-kit you need, from sleeping bags to baby monitors, night lights and baby oils. If you’ve ever tried to get children to go to sleep you will understand that it can be a struggle, so while you shop *whispers* please keep the noise down.

1. Gro Egg baby thermometer shell Percy the Penguin, £3.94

Gro-eggs (£14.99) are nightlights which also monitor the temperature of your baby's room: red for too hot, blue for too cold, yellow for just right. And you can make it better still by adding a Percy the Penguin shell.


2. Guess How Much I Love You, £2.99

'Publishing phenomenon' Guess How Much I Love You is the ultimate bedtime story. As Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare compete over who loves the other the most, your own Little Nutbrown Hare will be just as ready for bed as the one in the story. 


3. Angelcare movement and sound monitor AC401, £89.99

This baby monitor which measures movement as well as sound will let you know if your baby is still for more than 20 seconds. There is also a video monitor version available.


4. Baby Mori back-opening sleepsuit 2-Pack, £38

These Baby Mori sleepsuits have been perfectly designed to encourage a good night's sleep. Stroking is believing.


5. Burt's Bees Baby Bee nourishing baby oil, 100g, £9.95

This is perfect for a gentle massage after bathtime. It is soothing and sweet, and rich vitamin E.


6. Kub Mix and Match Dreema Cot (Pine), £149.99

If you're co-sleeping with your baby, or have him or her in a Moses basket, prepare for the next step by buying this cot for the nursery. This is one of the most stylish on the market, and it's practical too, with adjustable levels for your baby's every stage.


7. Boden cosy single long johns, £11.75

Wrap up your older children in these cute and comfy long john pyjamas.  


8. Easidream Ewan the Dream Sheep, £29.99

Help your kid settle down to sleep with this multifunctional sheep that replicates the soothing sounds of a pregnant mum's womb and heartbeat. Many parents rely on their Ewans more than each other in the early days and, if it doesn't help get your baby to sleep, it might at least work on you.


9. Burt's Bees baby bubble bath, 354ml, £6.66

Who doesn't love a bubble bath? Get your kid clean, soothed and relaxed with this Burt's Bees 'tear free' bubble bath. Made from coconut and sunflower oils mixed with vanilla extract, this one is definitely a win.


10. Boon multi-coloured night light, £38.99

This is one of the most unique night lights we have found. The balls glow softly and can be removed and played with as they don't get hot and they don't smash. Their glow also fades slowly over 30 minutes, encouraging your baby or child to go to sleep.


11. My Baby's Name Is sleeping bag, £45

Don't let your little one get tangled up in bedsheets and blankets, pop them in one of these and let them crawl and roll around their cot freely until they fall asleep. One of the best children's inventions of all time. And this brand in particular makes utilitatian chic a 'thing' for the nursery. This fab sleeping bag is also available in many colours like green, grey, orange and yellow