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14 items to get your child's creative juices flowing

Most people want their child to be creative, just as they want their child to be well-behaved, hard-working and a brilliant sleeper. And, in our digital world, we need to work that bit harder to allow our children to be creative. So buy them one of these sweet items and let their imagination run wild…

1. This cardboard dolls’ house can be built into whatever your little one wants, be it a house in which their dolls and toys can get up to adventures, or just a pretty storage space for their things. They can also decorate it to their heart’s content with paint or crayons. Or (more likely) your favourite lipstick.

2. A HUGE poster with quirky illustrations for your kids to colour in and, if you need some art therapy, you can join them. Stick it on the wall and it doubles up as wall art.


3. These twin mice are cuter than buttons and a reminder that even simple objects can inspire creative play. They can be used as puppets and, when it's time to sleep, be tucked up to sleep in their sweet matchbox bed.

4. Sophie the Giraffe is described as a ‘popular classic teething toy’ but she is so much more than that: a toy, a teether and your baby’s best friend.


5. Another costume for 3-year-olds and upwards to have fun with as they pretend to be a tiger from their favourite story, show or comic. Rarrrrr!

6. This polar bear is genius because not only is it a costume, it can be used as a cosy playmat or soft rug. So that’s three functions for the price of one.


7 and 8. Made out of recyclable cardboard, this is not only cool to look at but it’s fun to build with your little one and, once you're done, you can display it proudly in your front room.


9 and 10. It might not be summer anymore but these are still fun. Grab them in advance for your winter sun family holiday, take them to your local swimming pool, or ditch the water and just let them play around the garden with them.


11. Children can get creative with language too, and so this irreverent book, filled with words like BLORK and BLUURF, will encourage word play, silliness and everything that’s good.

12. ‘Deceptively simple yet surprisingly creative’ is how these construction blocks are described. They’ll help bring out your little one’s inner builder or interior designer, and they’re trendy monochrome too.


13. A child-size version of the dolls’ house above, this cardboard hut is fun to build, fun to paint, and more fun to play games in. Sadly they don’t go one step further and do them in adult size (it would make a perfect hiding spot, Kim).

14. This bed is what dreams are made of, literally. A statement piece that will have a normal room looking like something from Swallows and Amazons, and will hopefully encourage just as much creative play.