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Two designers from Petit Bateau and Huit joined forces to create this loveliness, by Elizabeth Adetula

Emile et Ida is a French childrenswear label set up by long-time friends Delphine Papiernik and Céline Kadara. Both of them had grandparents who were tailors, and both have industry calibre; with brands like Petit Bateau, Huit and Kickers featuring in their collective CV. Delphine and Celine launched Emile et Ida in 2010 as a tribute to their parents. The brand is focused on providing comfort and quality, and the creative duo say their inspiration comes from ‘everywhere,’ from their travels, to press, movies and books. Emile et Ida prides itself on being multi-functional, playtime wear, which caters to both boys and girls from 3 months to 14.

1. Daisy trousers, £25.90


2. Ice cream vest, £11


3. Flowered Blouse with Buttons on Back, £23.40


4. Sardine Hat T-Shirt, £18.85

5. Corded Waist Sarouel Blue, £18.20


6. Ruffled Shoulder T-Shirt, £17.74


7. Umbrella Bike T-shirt, £20.15


8. Hamburgers Tank Top, £14.04


9. Chambray Shorts Light blue, £25.02


10. Stars Blouse, £25.35


11. Striped Sarouel, £15.08


12. Striped Tie-dye Shorts, £17.88


13. Plum Liberty Bloomers, £15.21


14. Cat Overalls Denim, £22.75


15. Two-Toned Bikini with Bows, £20.28


16. Spot skirt, £22.50

17. Speckled Sarouel, £18.20


18. Chambray Overalls, £29.57



19. Daisy skirt, £48


20. Ice Cream Summer is Magic T-shirt, £8.78


21. Lemons Liberty Bloomers, £15.21


Lisa Tantrum
I love their stuff.