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Elizabeth Adetula's guide to the brand that's making knitwear cool again...

Knitwear doesn’t have to be something that is only whipped out in the winter, or on ‘wear your ugly Christmas jumper to school’ days. Meet Knit Planet, the modern knitwear brand for stylish boys and girls aged 6 months to 6 years old. Quite simply, it makes cool knits for children suitable all year round. It was founded by duo Micky and Nikky from London who, when their son was born, were determined to share their passion for ‘extraordinary quality and natural sensation of knitwear - warm yet cosy, joyful and comfortable.’ In 2015, Knit Planet was born. We thank them for the label’s bright colours, modern twist and – importantly for our little ones, wearability. There’s never been a better time for some knits.

1. Classic polo lime, £13


2. Hoo-Haa! Kung Fu Suit, £21


3. Comfy trousers red, £17


4. Dot Dot vest turquoise, £15


5. Love Summer shorts, £9


6. Smart cardigan sand, £22


7. Butterfly dress red, £21


8. Classic polo grey, £13


9. Fun playsuit, £25


10. Comfy trousers, £17


11. Butterfly dress turquoise, £21


12. Little pocket t-shirt grey, £16


13. Dot Dot vest, £15


14. Comfy trousers grey, £17


15. Butterfly dress yellow, £21


16. Love Summer shorts, £9


17. Sand tank, £10


18. Smart cardigan yellow, £22


19. Pom Pom skirt turquoise, £11


20. Grey tank, £10


21. Pom Pom skirt red, £11


22. Little pocket t-shirt lime, £16