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Step in for some inspiration with Elizabeth Adetula...

When people think of monochrome, what probably comes to mind are beatniks, steampunks or Tim Burton characters, not nursery interiors or kid’s rooms. But this timeless colour scheme is now a big trend in children’s fashion, nursery furniture and even children’s clothes. So if you want to sprinkle some monochrome magic into your child’s nursery or around the house, look for black and white nursery curtains, cot bedding and nursery wallpaper, or pick one or more of the definitely-want and must-have items from the TantrumXYZ shop that we have picked out below. For those of you who may want a softer alternative, you can even add a contrast with touches of grey or a pop of pink, orange or blue.

1. This BabyBjorn cradle is handy if you have a new baby or one on the way. The net design of the cradle gives it a nice silhouette touch, and you can keep an eye on your little one without having to stand right by the cradle, waking them up in the process.

2. A baby mat that looks great and feels great is what we have here. It is made from memory foam to give your baby the extra comfort your baby needs, so he or she can still be snug while you give your arms a rest. 


3. These alphabet plates are part of a new, stylish and functional homeware series by Danish brand Design Letters. Feed your child while teaching them the alphabet. Hello, multitasker!

4. Combining practicality with style, this monochrome highchair can be locked with one hand, making it perfect for those all-too-familiar times when your other hand is probably preoccupied with a baby. It’s suitable for babies aged six months to three years old. What’s not to love?


5. This cute nightlight is one of the sweetest nursery accessories around. Functioning as a stopwatch and a thermometer too, it is, almost literally, EVERYTHING.

6. Braver parents among us might like this statement white pineapple instead, which adds a bit of hip to your nursery decor. With its soft glow and cool exterior (literally – it never gets warms even while the light is on) it is a safe yet stylish nightlight alternative.


7. This toy paper bag is what it says on the package. A unique and fun way to store your kid’s toys because toy boxes are so square.

8. Baa-Baa wood sheep looks great in living rooms as well as nurseries, and the novelty factor makes reading even more appealing to your little one.


9. A brand that ‘encourages storytelling through creative products that leave space for the imagination’, Fabelab brings to you this soft cuddly toy that doubles up as a soft cushion thanks to its organic cotton material.

10. If you’re browsing nursery furniture sets, stop right here. This Dreema baby cot is part of Kub’s Mix and Match range to give you freedom of choice as well as freedom of style. 


11. Why be conventional and get normal hangers when you can get bat hangers? We guarantee that these plastic hangers will be useful all year round and not just at Halloween. 

12. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and so this zig-zag play mat, which wouldn’t look out of place under your coffee table, is brilliant for baby too.