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Liana Fricker from She Space picks out her favourite free workouts

We have found four brilliant YouTube channels for free workouts...

Stuck in a workout rut need a bit of free fitspo? Check out these four awesome YouTube channels that will help you tighten and tone for less. Short on time, too? Work out my way by bringing up YouTube on the laptop while you catch up on Netflix on the big screen...

1) Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is presented by husband and wife team, Daniel and Kelli HIIT videos are great and will kick your butt in 20 minutes. The duo have created so many different workout videos, it's unreal (there’s even a workout designed for you to do with your puppy – see above), but what I love most are the pre-packaged five-day plans. You can choose a 50-, 30- or 10-minute workout plan and they upload new content constantly so you never get bored. The films are shot professionally and the couple are so cute you want to die. On a practical note, you can clearly see high- and low-impact versions of each exercise, and a little counter runs in the right-hand corner so you can keep track of how long you've got to go before you can pass out. 

BEST FOR: HIIT + Pre-Packaged Plans 

FITNESS LEVEL: Intermediate +

MY FAVE: 5 Day Workout Plan - 30 Minutes or Less


2) Zoe McNulty

The problem with online fitness personalities is that sometimes they lack, well, personality. This does not apply to RaveFit and School of Strut founder Zoe McNulty, who has more character than an emoji keyboard. Witness her working out in her local park while bemused children and barking dogs walk past, or passed out on the sofa in a chocolate coma. Zoe was heralded as one of the top 10 dance instructors in the UK by the BBC in 2015, she is a woman in demand, and she teaches workshops around the country and at a few select gyms in London. Luckily, her YouTube channel is stocked full of freebies, including the weekly series of short, sweet and effective workouts, #ToneTuesday.

BEST FOR: Toning


MY FAV: #ToneTuesday Booty Routine


3) Jessica Smith TV

The Jessica Smith workouts are heart-pumping, old school aerobics at its best. I love the power walking workouts especially, because they are quick and easy, and you don’t need any equipment. Simply follow along as the American fitness guru be-bops around her rather grand living room, blonde ponytail swinging enthusiastically. I bet you a fiver she was a cheerleader in High School. Don't worry though, she's not as terrifying as she sounds; and her films are worth a watch even just to catch sight of her grumpy little pug, who’s somehow been roped in to appearing. According to my heart-rate monitor, two rounds of the 15-minute indoor walking video burns 250 calories. That's a glass of wine, my friends! 

BEST FOR: Cardio


MY FAV: 15-Minute Indoor Power Walk


4) PopSugar Fitness

With films led by a chorus of perma-grinned hotties and set in a workout studio, this channel is Jane Fonda for millennials. It’s fun; the 10-minute ‘Become Beyonce’ workout is led by a wedge trainer-wearing glamourpuss who tells you to ‘just imagine yourself in the club’, but hard work too; the full-body workouts will have you dripping in sweat but you will feel MUCH better for it.

BEST FOR: Full Body Sweat Fest


MY FAV: 300 Calories in 30 Minutes

:: Liana Fricker is a fitness enthusiast and founder of She Space, a new social network for women in Surrey. 




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