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Our Instagram community has some tips for when you're tired...

Sleep deprivation. It’s not something I wanted to write about when I started at Tantrum. I felt at the time that it was overdone, that talking about being tired all the time was a bit of a downer, and I wanted to celebrate the uplifting stuff about being a parent.

But it is, unfortunately, a part of our lives. Most people I come across are juggling not just parenting, but often a job and/or a passion project. They are often living full and enriching lives, but the one thing to suffer is their sleep.

If you are asking yourself 'why am I always tired?', I have put together some tips from the TantrumXYZ Instagram community on how to deal with sleep deprivation. I hope some of the tips help you feel less tired. Let us know below if you have any more…

1. Treat yourself every day, even if that treat is only a ‘warm’ coffee. (@rachael_aimee)

2. Coffee, being kind to yourself and letting people help you. (@saracorquers)

3. Talk to other parents and remember you won’t feel like this forever. Being a parent is an awesome responsibility and you’re often doing it on very little sleep, so give yourself a break and a pat on the back for doing a great job! (@styling_out_the_school_run)

4. Know that the feeling of relentlessness will end. It won’t last forever, despite it feeling like the seventh kingdom of hell at the time. (@jill_littlebear)

5. Be gentle on yourself. You’re going to have days where you’re going to be that intimidating, Pinterest-worthy parent, then you’ll have days where you’re having a packet of biscuits for dinner and filing changing from PJs to sweats in your ‘win’ section. Both are fine, we can’t win them all. (@maryseyeballs)

6. Sleep when baby sleeps. Forget the housework. Eat what you like. Go for a walk every day. (@missaldunne)