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Jenny from Mamazou on phone storage and little-known apps

Jenny Raymond is the founder of Mamazou; a social network for parents and parents-to-be. She also has a lovely Instagram account in which she charts her adventures with her gorgeous daughter Hayley, two, and provides brilliant chat and support to the other parents of Instagram. She talks tech with Lisa Williams…

What is the longest you can go without checking your phone?

Around 12 hours but that’s a rarity!

Where/when was the most inappropriate time you’ve used your phone?

I’ve got a major blank but probably on the toilet.

How do you manage storage on your phone?

Not very well – I hate deleting photos and I tend to buy phones with large storage space. When that’s nearly full I panic and look for a new phone. 

Tell us three people we should follow on Twitter or Instagram and why

Just 3 people is super difficult…  there are so many incredible accounts to follow.   I’m going to say @essexmama, @bo.and.bel and @pandaandping – they are the most supportive, down-to-earth ladies who also sell some wonderful products.  Empowering tees, teething accessories and funky pjs, what’s not to love?!

What’s the secret to a good selfie with kids?

Sing a silly song at the same time.

Do you control how much tech your daughter uses? If so, how and why?

Call me terrible but I really don’t like to expose H to much tech at all. She watches a little TV every day when I’m prepping dinner but otherwise she knows my phone is a no-go zone and we only get the Nexus out for her to use when we go on flights. 

Rank your top three apps and say why you like them...

  1. Instagram – It’s my down time. I love looking at pictures and also adore the community on there.
  2. Whats App – it keeps me connected with all my friends and family, near and far.
  3. Spotify – because who can live without music?!

Best little-known app?

Lifecake; which turns your photos and videos into a timeline.

Which three pieces of technology could you not live without and why?

  1. My phone.  Hands down!!  I’ve just moved from Android to Apple so I’ll let you know how that pans out. 
  2. My camera (Canon GX-7) – it takes such professional photos by a novice like me!  It’s also small enough to fit into my every day bag.
  3. Amazon Fire Stick – for anything movie/TV related.

What do you think is the best piece of tech for kids?

I’m guessing an iPad because there are so many educational apps that you can download these days but honestly as I’ve not entered that world yet, I really can’t say for sure.

What is the most you’ve spent on an item of tech and was it worth the money?

My most recent Dell laptop was just over £1,000 and to be honest it wasn’t worth it at all!  Worst.laptop.ever.