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Lisa Williams explains how...

Apple’s new iPhone – the iPhone 7 - is coming out this month, with pre-orders starting on September 9 and shipping on September 16. If you are due an upgrade, rejoice – it’s bound to make your life as a parent precisely seven times easier. Here is how…

1. iPhone 7 wireless earphones

The new ‘Apple airpods’ respond to touch, so you can summon Siri in seconds, to ask her where the nearest place selling wine is. The wireless nature of the earphones makes them discreet, also, meaning you can listen to a podcast on the sly while at Rhyme Time. 

2. Extended memory

Packages start at 32GB, meaning the dreaded ‘Cannot take photo’ message will be a thing of the past. Good news for those of you worried you might miss photographing your child’s first day at school because of your lax back-up routine.

3. Water resistant

The new iPhone won’t survive a dunk in the paddling pool, but it will stay working at a rainy bus stop while you wait for a bus which doesn’t already have two buggies on board, and it can resist even the strongest attack of the ‘baby blues’ tears.

4. Dust resistant

Could this be Apple’s absolute stroke of genius? A phone which actively discourages you from cleaning? Tim Cook, we salute you.

5. Dual camera

The new camera lenses work as one, but give you dual functionality: zoom and depth of field. Welcome to a whole new world of Instagram fodder. Depth of field gives you aperture control, meaning you can keep your child in focus while you blur the background. Helpful if you took a super-cute photo of them in Costcutter.

6. Stereo speaker system

Because nothing will prevent a public tantrum quite like Peppa Pig in stereo.

7. Extended battery life

Why is all the apps we love really hammer the battery? Instagram, Twitter, Skype and Facebook all drain the juice out of your phone quicker than you can say #parentingtheshitoutoflife The new iPhone will give you two hours more time than the iPhone 6s, so scroll away, my friends.