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What it's like to be a member of the Brighton and Hove parent tribe...

This time, we explore the kids' groups, family hangouts and parent tribe of Brighton and Hove. By Bethanie Lunn, joint director of quirky gift shop, Cafe of Curiosities


Landscape: Tumbling hills, farmland, a thriving city and the famous pebble beaches: we have it all here.

Hangouts: Brighton’s independent businesses rule. Fatto a Mano Pizza offers free food for kids dining with adults, Café Plenty has amazing cakes and loads of buggy room, Pelican on Portland offers a play area for kids at the back and craft classes, while the Flour Pot Bakery does the best coffee (Brightonians are the biggest coffee drinkers in the UK.)

Fatto a Mano Pizza (photo by @instagram/elliingram)

In the winter, child-friendly pubs are where we hide out in front of a roaring fire with a Sunday roast.  The George Payne has an astro-turfed children’s play area with a tardis and cottage play-house, a games cupboard and excellent food.

In the summer, the seafront comes to life with sand pits and water play. Hove Lagoon and Kings Road (next to the West Pier) are top spots, while the Level is a great open space with water fountains, a huge outdoor park, an indoor soft play zone and that all-important coffee pit stop.

Events: Funk the Family Festival is an all-day festival in June with superb live music, puppet shows, sensory experiences and street dance.

Parents: Brighton parents tend to be creative, individual, adventurers. They are foodies who enjoy trying new things, so there is always something exciting going on to cater for us. Many of us work for ourselves, so services such as Officreche (office space on top, crèche below) where we run Café of Curiosities from, are popular.

Local celebrities: Chris Eubank, Adele, David Walliams, Steve Coogan, Dermot O’Leary, Zoe Ball, Norman Cooke aka Fay Boy Slim and Zoella are just a few of Brighton and Hove’s famous residents.

Instaparents: There are so many bloggers, vloggers and creative types residing in Brighton. I’m @BethanieLunn and hang out with fellow Instamums @NatashaBailie, @chellemccann @SuperChargedClub, @fizzypeaches

I also recommend following @RaisingTeddyYates @cheapfrills @brightonmums and @lesbemums

The Supercharged Club

Classes: Jittabugs, Baby Sensory, Polka Dots, Tots that Rock are great classes for kids. Lush Tums is one for the parents – offering women’s yoga, pre and post natal yoga and yoga classes for parent and baby.

Mums wear: Whatever they want! Brighton values freedom of expression, so everyone is individually and unapologetically themselves. Skinny jeans, a striped top and metallic boots or printed high tops is a common mama look, topped with a Joules or Seasalt rain coat with a hood, since umbrellas don’t last a minute in this windy city. 

Dads wear: Cable knits and jeans in the winter with Converse and jeans, t-shirt and a hat in the summer – very laid back.

Kids wear: Peacheyboo, Happyology and The Bonnie Mob – it has to be local and independent and these brands offer personality and fun without being samey and predictable, as well as natural and organic fabrics.

:: Which parenthood do you live in? If you'd like to write about it, please email us.