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Source: Youtube/Action Movie Kid

These videos will make your day.

If you’re a chef, chances are your child will be the best-fed child around, writes Elizabeth Adetula. If you can paint, then your baby will have the coolest nursery on the block. And if you work in special effects, well, your kid might just be the luckiest kid around.

That is certainly the case with James and his father, Daniel Hashimoto, otherwise known as Action Movie Dad. While YouTuber Action Movie Dad, who works as a vis-dev artist for Dreamworks Animation, posts up film tutorials and general vlogs on his channel, his son James, AKA Action Movie Kid, has a channel featuring clip after clip of him in the most mind-blowing situations, all thanks to his dad’s SFX skills.

Here are a few of our five favourite clips. If these videos don’t make you smile or laugh, well we don’t know what will…

(Disclaimer: No kids were harmed in the making of these videos).


1. Action Movie Kid battling with a shark in the living-room, as you do.


2. Action Movie Kid may just have found a better use for chalk.


3. When your kid says 'get in the boat', guess what? You might wanna get in the boat.


4. We may have found this one way funnier than we probably should have...lols! Bless her.


5. If you have a fear of heights, you might want to look away now.


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