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Best tights for baby boys and toddlers

The best tights to buy for baby boys and toddlers


It was my childminder's suggestion...

'He keeps pulling off his socks, and his little feet are getting cold,' she said.

I have to admit that it literally had not occurred to me to put him in tights before then. Not because I thought of them as ‘girls clothes’ but because I had always thought you put them on babies just to cover up their nappies when wearing dresses. Now I put my son in tights all the time, they’re built-in socks and an extra layer of warmth to boot. Some are so cute they can be worn as leggings on a mild day, or under dungaree shorts or bloomers. Here are five of my faves...

1) Blue Star tights

If your baby’s bottom is the Christmas tree, then these tights are like the star you put upon the top. Too cute to cover up with trousers, really, and practical too, with non-slip pads on the feet.


2) Little Hero tights

Whoever designed these is a bona fide genius. All you need to do is swing your baby’s bib around the wrong way and you’ve got a little superhero ready to save the day. And though they’re not the cheapest available, they work for every day use (with terry lining in the feet and non-slip soles) and fancy dress too.


3) Funny Ghost tights

These cute little (sorry, very scary) ghosts remind me of the baddies in Pacman. Designed by a mother who couldn’t find nice tights for her little boy, they’re among Slugs & Snails best sellers, so snap them up as soon as they come into stock. 

£12 (14 euros)

4) White tights

As basic as white bread, these tights just do the job. They’re marketed as ‘girls' white tights’ but we all know that baby girl tights are just baby tights so stick ‘em on boys too.

£8 for three pairs, from Mothercare

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Love these! I put both my boys in tights. Wish they made some of them in my size.
Lisa Tantrum
Me too! Superhero in particular.
Dressing stockings men has nothing to do with sexual orientation !! And hetero men love high heels and wear them happy. Even men have their tights.